Thursday, August 11, 2011

Creating Art Can Reduce Anxiety and Depression for Cancer Patients

A composition of Hira Abid

Cancer is a disheartened disease for all patients; numerous young children in this world are victims for many years. As per my extensive study, every individual can take part to carry out therapy for them on his own, with his own concerns and ideas. I propose that art is the best treatment for cancerous infection in young children to decrease their despondency and anxiety. Art will make them self-engaged and make their minds fresh and hardworking; as a result, their willpower will increase. They will start believing to live long and battle against their disease.

By using creative expression, a child or adolescent with cancer can express feelings. Creative workshops allow the patient to creatively and kinesthetically process the assault of cancer and its treatment, and thus establish a stronger sense of self and improved quality of life. Art-based support groups report that new understanding and integration of their feelings emerge during the creative process and they find themselves feeling pleasantly surprised and extremely calmed.

Communication of a new skill can be achieved by various methods:
i. Verbal instructions
ii. Demonstration
iii. Video
iv. Diagrams
v. Photo sequences

With the help of creative work, their skills and abilities will get improved and they will respond quickly. Children make the gift of a private introduction to mindful-awareness in a comfortable, down-to-earth setting with their friends. Bring up to ten children for an hour-long session that makes mindfulness fun.

Scrap book, Stationery box, Canvas painting, Book marks, Photo albums, Pot painting and Card making helps us reduce their depression and stress.

Creative expression workshops can be implemented successfully with different age groups, adapting the modes of expression to their varying developmental needs. The experience of creative workshops raised importance of sensitizing teachers to the children’s life experience and of supporting them in this process.

I can interpret creative undertakings with images that will assist them to decrease depression. They can design scrap books. These memories can include anything having to do with the cancer patient, such as her pets, children, recent vacation or the past year in general. Alternatively, document her journey through cancer and treatments with a scrapbook.

Painting is a productive way to comprise very vintage tales or to articulate some emotions. Still the tales of big hunting of cave person has reached the globe through the art. The canvas art expresses everything like thoughts, emotions, and realistic-space.

Glass is so beautiful! Paintings too are eyes' delight! When Pots and paints are combined, they create amazing works of art. The art of glass decoration is evolving well-liked, particularly with those who desire to adorn their dwellings with a creative touch. In detail, it is not very strong to do so. You can conceive an attractive decoration in a day.

Children can make awesome stationery cartons with the assistance of paper, fabric, and ribbons etc. They can proficiently conceive these stationery situations, as these luscious colors are superb to contain stationery items. They add a feeling of latest tendency & attractiveness to the decor of office and home.