Wednesday, May 12, 2010

AusCause - A Unique Australian Fundraising Idea

Internet technology has made it possible to explore new and innovative online fundraising ideas. One of the online Australian shopping malls, AusCause, in this respect, offers a unique opportunity to donate to your favorite cause while shopping. It has established a unique way to promote new ideas for fundraising in Australia. Hence, it is a big contributor towards the noble cause of charity in the region. AusCause has facilitated people to donate a portion of their purchase towards their desired cause each time they shop via AusCause portal. You can find a number of nation-wide famous stores and retailers at this shopping mall. Moreover, it has devised an amazing way to directly link with various stores from where customers can purchase and donate to their desired cause. One of the top ideas for fundraising being acquired by AusCause is the list of causes from where the customers can choose their desired cause for donations or can add their favorite cause to the list. This idea has raised the number of consumers who directly donate to their desired cause via shopping. Generally, AusCause is a collection of merchants being approached through AusCause Shopping Mall’s link. It is an authentic contributor towards charity working for the good will of the Australian nation while promoting new and unique ideas for fundraising. It allocates your donations (upon your purchase) automatically to your desired cause and costs no extra charges. You will come across some special promotions each time you shop through AusCause Mall because it is purely aimed at supporting Australia Charity while coming up with new ideas for fundraising each time. It also offers some benefits upon bargain shopping opportunities, which provides various discounts and sometimes free shipping solutions from their partner merchants. After having registered at AusCause online shopping mall, if you do your shopping within the first 45 days then not only you get a chance to gain special offers and discounts but also your charity will earn an extra cash of 5 dollars. The shopper has the choice to either receive cash back or donate this amount as well. It is the need of the day to make Australians strong enough to stand on their own feet without raising hands for charity to rest of the world. Therefore AusCause has taken this initiative by encouraging people to donate to their favorite cause while shopping and serving the nation in a better way.