Friday, July 29, 2011

Discover Wonders of Sightseeing in Tennessee

Tennessee is one among the major US states, which is quite popular for its thrilling family vacations for the past few years, since tourists started discovering wonders of sightseeing in it. Tennessee vacations packages are full of America’s best sightseeing opportunities, which mainly include visits to hill stations, beautiful landscapes and scenic attractions.

 Discovering Wonders of Sightseeing during your Vacations in Tennessee

Following are some of the top tourist attractions to visit during vacation in Tennessee, missing anyone of which, may lead your vacations in Tennessee to stay incomplete:

• Nashville Tourist Attractions
Commonly known as the hub of country-music, Nashville has a lot to offer equally to its tourists and visitors. Some of the best things to do and see during your Nashville family vacations are:

o Grand Ole Opry: It is a stage concert of the country music that is organized on weekly basis in Nashville – Tennessee. It really amuses all tourists and visitors during their Nashville vacations and is a must-visit destination for all.
o The Parthenon: Being a copy of the genuine Athenian Parthenon, it was established in 1897 to attract tourists during their vacations in Nashville. Visiting this place will take you back into Greece.
o The Opryland Theme Park: It was basically an amusement park of Nashville uptown in Tennessee, which remained operational between 1972 and 1997. Visiting this place will make your children learn a lot about its history; especially when it was visited by about 2.5 m people on annual basis. This park is a must-visit destination for new comers.

• Must Visit Attractions in Memphis
Memphis is fully loaded with lots of heart-touching attractions and scenic beauties which will surely grab your attention to make your Tennessee vacations unforgettable. Following are some of the best attractions you can visit in Memphis:

o Graceland: This tourist destination is said to be highly-popular in Memphis. It is located It is located at Elvis Presley Boulevard (3764), which can be found in the huge Whitehaven society (around 14.5 kilometers from City center and nearly 6 kilometers in the northern area of Mississippi border). Visiting this attraction during your Tennessee vacation will make you feel in another world.
o Mud Island River Park: This tourist place gives you access to paddle boat rentals, museum, monorail, camping, socializing, hiking, and participation in various outdoor events in the area. Your visit to this tourist place will enable you to enjoy all pleasures of life at one place.

• Best Tourist Place in Chattanooga
Chattanooga is famous for its beautiful mountains and natural sightseeing opportunities. Some of the best tourist spots you can visit during your Tennessee vacations in Chattanooga can be:

o Rock City: Rock City is located in Lookout Mountain near Ruby Falls at Chattanooga and is famous for its barn ads carrying slogans, ‘See Rock City.’ Being a roadside tourist destination, it is good for the tourists who want to enjoy pleasures of watching seven states from a Rock City point; the Leap of Lover.
o Ruby Falls: Ruby Falls is located in the Lookout Mountain, close to Chattanooga and Rock City. If you’re a nature lover and want to enjoy watching biggest underground waterfall of America, Ruby Falls in Chattanooga is the best option for you to visit during your Tennessee vacations.
o Lookout Mountain: This place is hardly at few minutes distance from Chattanooga City Center in Tennessee. It is a perfect tourist place for those seeking natural beauty and mountainous areas.

 Best hotels in Tennessee

1. Hermitage Hotel
Hermitage hotel is situated in the City Center of Nashville. This hotel provides quality services to dine in delicious cuisines and to stay in Nashville with flexible rates for tourists. It is Tennessee’s one and only cheapest Five Star hotel with quick quality services in the town. If you want a wide and spacious luxury suite along with guest rooms and flexible beds, this hotel will provide you everything at an affordable rate. Amenities that you may get here can be the refreshment centers, free broadband services, three dual line phones, CD & DVD players, private safes for laptops, conference rooms for businessmen, delicious cuisines and a lot more other things. Moreover, the rates per night at this hotel start from $149 USD.

2. Peabody Hotel
Peabody is a luxury hotel located in the center of Blues City, Memphis. It is a 4-star hotel, which provides home-like environment with loads of attractive services to make your vacation in Tennessee more outstanding. This hotel is situated in Memphis central, which is close to various attractions in Chattanooga, such as Orpheum Theater, Music Hall of Fame (Memphis), Fire Museum of Memphis, Pyramid Arena and Sun Studio. Peabody Hotel offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy a home-like environment. Here, you can avail facilities like restaurant, café and a bar to dine in, refreshments and drinks and 24/7 quick room services. The nightly stay at this hotel starts from $290 USD.

3. Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel
Choo Choo hotel is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is famous for its best dining opportunities, especially at Dinner times where you can find great quality of food while amusing yourself with the performance and songs sung by both its waiters & waitresses. It is quite close to the airport, Tennessee University, Local Museum of History, Museum of Creative Discovery Museum, AT&T Field and American Art’s Museum of Hunter. The amenities offered at this hotel are buffet breakfasts, health & fitness center, a bar at poolside, dual open-air swimming pools with an indoor option, conference rooms with contemporary audio-visual equipment and secretarial services, free wireless broadband facility, banquet facilities, free shuttle services, complementary guest parking lot, café and gaming zone. Moreover, your one night stay at Choo Choo Hotel will cost you $141.43 USD.

So, what’s your plan for spending vacations in Tennessee this summer?