Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Abs Exercises

Five Highly-Fruitful Abs Exercises
There are a lot of exercises that can bring considerable improvement in your abs. Following top five highly-effective Abs Exercises are:

Exercise on Bicycle
According to the American Council, this exercise is highly-beneficial for the six packs and the waist. Follow these steps to carry out this exercise properly:

1. Lie your face up on the floor and tie-up your fingers behind the head.
2. Move your knees towards chest and start lifting your shoulders in such a way that neck should not get pulled.
3. Align your left leg out together with your upper body part turning to the right in such a way that your left elbow should move towards the right knee.
4. Change the sides and move your right elbow towards the left knee this time.
5. Continue this exercise till the completion of 12-16 repetitions.

Ball Crunch Exercise
This exercise is quite beneficial for fortifying the abs. To carry out this exercise properly, you must follow these steps:
1. Place a ball under your lower back and lay your face-up.
2. Place your hands rear your head.
3. Shrink your abs in order to raise your upper body part off from the ball in a way that your ribcage gets down toward your hips.
4. Do not roll while you wave up for the stability of the ball.
5. Now get your lower back down to stretch your abs and continue these steps for 12 to 16 times.

Upper Body/Chest Track Exercise
The upper body/chest commonly known as Torso Track is a robust exercise as it may damage your back if not carried out with proper care. Follow these steps:
1. Hold the levers of the Torso Track and drag your abs inside. Be sure that you did not hold your breath.
2. Breath out and slither ahead as much as you can afford. Be sure not to give away in the mid and don’t let it make you feel it on your back, otherwise, you are failed.
3. Shrink your abs in order to haul your body to the original position.
4. Stress upon it by applying more stressing chords.

Ab Roller Exercise
The Ab roller as well as Rocker exercise is meant for the rectus abdominis. To perform it correctly, follow these steps:
1. Be seated on the Ab Roller machine in such a way that you can hold the rods in your hands.
2. Shrink your abs and rock ahead, and start off the progress from your abs without using energy.
3. Get some relief and keep on repeating for at least 1 to 3 sets with almost 12 to16 repetitions.
4. Decline your momentum slowly and steadily and make your prime focus your abs and do not push with your arms.

Lath on Elbows and Toes Exercise
This workout is quite beneficial for the building and strengthening of both your abs & back and your stabilizer muscles. Follow these steps:

1. Turn your face down on some mat and relax on your forearms and be sure to have your palms horizontally placed on the floor.
2. Raise yourself up on your toes and relax yourself on the elbows.
3. Flatten your back like a straight line from your head to toes.
4. Incline your pelvis and shrink your abdominals and prevent your rear end to get stuck-up in the air.
5. Seize yourself for about 20 to 60 seconds then lower yourself and repeat 3 to 5 steps.