Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A visit to Afandou village during holidays in Rhodes

Locations and Offerings of Afandou Village
Afandou is one of the Rhodes’ biggest villages being delimited by the green mountains of Greece, located towards the south of Rhodes’ capital. The name for this village (Afandou) is acquired from the term Afando, which means ‘invisible.’ It was constructed away from the seaside area so that it could remain concealed by the pirates. You can also find a beautiful square in the middle of the village, which is delimited by numerous bars and cafes.

There are also various restaurants, shops and taverns in the area. Besides this, you can find numerous accommodation solutions of different kinds along with a golf course in the village of Afandou. Commonly known as the center of Rhodes for the art of carpet-making, it also offers many shops from where you can buy these excellent-quality-made carpets.

The major fame of Afandou village is due to the purely marvel beach of the same name, which is situated just one kilometer away from the village. This beach with an extended area of 4 kilometers having beautiful sands, pebbles and crystalline waters is regularly awarded with the European Union’s Blue Flag upon its purity. You can also visit the Basilica of Lady Katholiki – Catholic, during you trip, which contains amazing frescoes of the 17th and 18th centuries inside it.

Being a second biggest village after Ialysos, Afandou village also offers gentle walks with short toy train rides across the island, from where you can avail scenic views across Traganou and Kolimbia during your holidays. This largest village of Rhodes Island owns a vivacious Greek population of 6,500 people with a diversity of amenities and attractions for tourists.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the village also provides chances of vivacious Greek experiences in the vicinity. The variety of palm trees with four cantinas and the availability of several sun-beds and water sports make it an ideal place for enthusiastic tourists. Tourists coming along their families and children can also avail a play area for their children, where they can take pleasures of the football, swings, seesaw and slides.

Furthermore, the 18-holes golf course of Afandou is an exclusive place on the Rhodes Island. The radio station towards Kolimbia broadcasts Voice of America all over the Greece. Moreover, the diversity of fruit trees with tavernas and seasonal crops usually complement meals and cocktails for the locals and foreign tourists. Another destination to visit is of the Profitis Ilias, which depicts the way of life of the Christ.

Different houses, customary narrow streets along with the domestic activities double beauty of the village. Your visit to this amazing village will really be a great fun and entertainment as the abundance of everything here attracts a variety of tourists from different spheres of the world. You will really feel blessed being on this land as it won’t let you get disappointed at any moment of your stay in the vicinity.

You are therefore advised to visit this place during summer seasons as it is the best time to enjoy all pleasures of your life.

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