Friday, September 24, 2010

Rethinking Charity: AusCause online shopping mall

AusCause provides Australians with an opportunity to make a difference while shopping. AusCause has introduced a new way to support Australia Charity by enabling you to donate a part of your purchase to your desired cause each time you shop through their portal.
AusCause offers a free registration process to everyone. Besides this, it provides consumers with the opportunity to choose their cause from the list provided. They can add a new cause as well.
AusCause is basically a collection of merchants that can be accessed via AusCause Shopping Mall’s link in order to purchase. You need not to worry because a part of purchase will automatically be donated to your desired cause with no extra charges.
Similarly, you can see special promotions each time you shop AusCause Mall to support the cause of Australia Charity. Apart from this, you can now get benefits from bargain shopping opportunities, various discounts or even free of cost shipping solutions from their partner merchants.