Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Enjoying holidays in the villages of Rhodes

Being a carrier of a variety of modern and traditional villages, Rhodes is place brimming with a range of various other attractions too. If we talk about the modern or medieval villages of Rhodes, you can find both on the same island. It is perhaps one of the specialties of this island that it carries almost everything at the same place, where you can find various hotels and accommodation solutions too.

If you are willing to go for some traditional villages of Island Rhodes, you can find a variety of them throughout the entire island. Most of them are hidden under the beautiful hills of the region, which are perhaps the major sources of attractions for global tourists visiting from different origins during summers. Almost every village carries various hotels and restaurants, such as the top Rhodes old town hotels to provide you with the best of everything.

Besides this, the famous Kremasti hotels offer one of the quality services in this respect and are quite easy to access from different traditional villages of Rhodes. One among them is the Anseli hoyel, which is in the beautiful village of Kremasti. This village is at about 8 kilometers distance from the town of Rhodes Town and you can reach it by any means.

Although, the modern villages are not in abundance on Rhodes, yet some of the traditional villages are listen below:

2. Kremasti Village
Located at a distance of 12 km from Rhodes town, Kremasti provides tourists with the amenities of a contemporary picnic spot and a true picture of customary Greek life. Being a largest settlement of the island, it attracts tourists due to the availability of a lengthy sandy beach, a beautiful beach and the neighboring Valley of Butterflies.

1. The Village of Lindos
Being 2nd quite prominent town as well as the amazing traditional village of Rhodes, Lindos is situated 48kms to the south of Rhodes Town. As part of the surrounding construction of a huge rock having a castle on it, this beautiful village offers enjoyment with various attractive bays inside the area.

4. The Village of Ialyssos
The astounding village of Ialyssos is located 10kms towards the south-western direction of the town of Rhodes. Due to its diverse area, it is stretched on the Filerimos’ hill slopes. Besides this, it offers visit to the old Ialyssos, which is at a little walking distance from the modern town.

3. The Village of Afandou
Invisible from the road, Afandou is a small town, which is located 19kms from the south of Rhodes Town. One can get to know a lot about its traditional style, which is still visible even after a so many years. Apart from this, it also offers various inspiring churches in its nearby areas, such as Paramythia’s monastery.

6. The Village of Archangelos
The traditional Archangelos village is situated 28kms towards south of the town of Rhodes and is stretched beside a valley. There is also a big hill on the top of which, is a Venetian castle. Moreover, there are a variety of beautiful monasteries in its surrounding areas. In order to get best of everything, you can go for Gennadi hotels.

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