Friday, September 24, 2010

Kremasti village

Rhodes is a place of thousand wonders that are yet to be explored. Kremasti Rhodes, being a handy place, is always open for the exploration of some of the strikingly mountainous villages of the central island. You can hire a public bus service for a short ride from various beautiful sights and night clubs of Rhodes town to reach Kremasti village. Apart from this, a leisurely walk through the Kremasti Village may open numerous wonders and secrets upon you.

Location of Kremasti
The colony of Kremasti Rhodes is located 12 kilometers in the direction of southwest to the Rhodes’ capital town, which can be accessed at the island’s northwestern coast. This modern tourist resort is stretched along the major public road, which is leading from the Rhodes town to various resorts as well as the villages of west coast. Kremasti Rhodes is actually a petite town and is said to be one among the largest colonies of the island.

It carries a population of around 3.000 permanent inhabitants, who are into the major occupations of tourism, and agriculture as they cultivate vegetables and fruits. This highly famous destination attracts a large number of visitors every year, as it is quite near to the international airport of the island. It is situated at a same distance of less than 3 km from both the international airport and the Valley of Butterflies.