Friday, September 24, 2010


Rhodes is and island packed with many of the sightseeing opportunities for every tourist and visitor around the world. In the past few years, there was a very less amount of people who could fulfill their sightseeing needs. But, now Rhodes provide equal opportunities to all the tourists and visitors to come and enjoy its splendid nature, beautiful landscape, glittering beaches, enthralling sands and crystalline waters at quite low charges.

One among them is the highly beautiful resort called, Filerimos. There are a variety of sightseeing opportunities in the amazing Filerimos, where you can also hire services of the best accommodation solutions. It is indeed a best idea to enjoy life at such amazing spots. When it comes to the beautiful prefecture of Rhodes, it offers hundreds of unique activities such as the best sightseeing and sporting activities.

History and Location of the Beautiful Filerimos
Filerimos (1306) was first built up by the knights of Saint John period as soon as they settled their selves on Island Rhodes. According to the historical manuscripts, this place was selected by the magnificent Suleiman as his head quarter during the cordon of 1522. Another fact is that, it is the same place where the Italian artillery batteries were also set up during the World War II. It is no doubt a best place for availing top accommodation.