Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Best Places to visit in Burgh/Hora, Medieval Town Rhodes

Historical Background of and Location of Hora
Hora is sometimes referred to as Chora. Both of these names are transcribed from another Greek word Χωρα. You can find relics of a medieval fortress at this place. Also, you can find numerous Rhodes accommodation solutions of luxurious sorts on Rhodes Island.

Burgh (Hora) can be located towards the south of the old castle in Old Town Rhodes. It also carries major attractions like Suleiman`s mosque, Turkish bazaar and Socrates Street etc.

Hora from Touristic Point of View
When it comes to the tourism in the island, it is no doubt an enriched area with a variety of tourists visiting this island. You will find mostly German or Scandinavian tourists in Hora. This place is also quite famous among the Germans.

Attractions in Hora
Hora like other areas on Island Rhodes also carries a variety of alluring attractions as well as Rhodes accommodation solutions. One of the best examples of Hora’s attractions is the prominent Folklore Museum that costs nothing for entrance.

According to the ancient sources, the medieval town of Rhodes was established around a castle, which was perhaps constructed just after the earthquake of 515 AD. This castle had two parts; one part was The Kollakio or Kollako, which was towards the north and the other part was Burgh or Hora, which was towards the south. Availing Rhodes accommodation near the Hora won’t be a problem for you now.

The first part (Kollako) includes a Street of the Knights along with the leaders, Palace of the Grand Master (Castello), the official churches of the Order, the Hospital; which is a museum today and some other significant infrastructures.

Similarly, the second part (Hora) includes the medieval market, which is also known as the Socrates Street, a famous Turkish bazaar, which can be found around the mosque of Suleiman and some other amazing buildings. In order to take pleasures of all sorts to make your trip more interesting, you must hire an excellent Rhodes accommodation near this place.

In other words, it is such an amazing place that needs not the words to define its splendid beauty. Apart from various Rhodes accommodation solutions in the region, you can also find a network of petite pathways lined with a number of jewelers, boutiques, souvenir shops, cafes, an art gallery and a lot more in Hora. You will find an unending variety of fascination at each turn at this place.

According to the Greek language, Chora means town. You are recommended to visit this spot during the day, when you can find most of the tourists lying at the beach, so that you can feel it more peaceful. This way, you can also admire the amazing architecture and the whitewashed houses of the area. If you visit this place during night, you will find it highly crowded with the people finding cheap pubs.

You can also find in Hora, a few windmills with a big club inside its vicinity, where you can enjoy music and dancing on the street. Moreover, you can find best hotels of your choice in the area, such as the famous Domus Hotel situated at 30 meters’ distance from the clock Tower of old town.

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