Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Australian Charity Groups

Australia is a land packed with a variety of charity groups performing their duties in several fields of life to serve humanity, especially the crippled Australian community. Some of the charity groups are working for the provision of best health services, while some are working for the rehabilitation of affected communities. Similarly, there are some charity groups who work for wildlife and a few working for rain forests.

This article provides enough information about some of those major groups working in Australia, which are reliable and deserve donations. Following are some of the top serving Australian charity groups:

1. AusCause
AusCause is primarily an anthology of merchants that can be accessed via AusCause Shopping Mall’s link. Hence, it is quite a reliable donor towards charity. It is aimed at providing valuable services for the benevolence of Australian society through the provision of unique ideas for fundraising. If you purchase through AusCause Online Shopping Mall, your donation automatically gets allocated to your desired cause with no extra charges upon your purchase.

2. The Australian Ballet
Being located at the Southbank, The Australian Ballet ( is a charity group that receives generous donations every year from various estates to ensure a smooth future for the coming generations in the region. The supply of enormous donations from various sources to The Australian Ballet Endowment Fund is legally invested to develop a secure monetary platform for the company.

After your donation to this charity, you can become a member of its Leadership Circle, where you can participate in a variety of exclusive events related to the ballet.

3. The Australian Cancer Research Foundation
It is also one among the leading charity groups working for the good will of Australian community. It offers secure method of paying online donations via number of sources such as credit cards including American Express, Bankcard, Visa or else MasterCard. Like AusCause, it also offers a menu for the selection of your desired cause from a list provided in it.

Moreover, it provides a receipt (via e-mail) about the deduction of tax upon your donation in one week. Similarly, there are some charity groups that offer people to donate in the memory of their familial members and friends. Likewise, there are few, where you can make your donations for certain events and/or celebrations. Another form of donating to charity is regular giving, where you can contribute on monthly basis.

4. The Rotary Health Bequest Program in Australia
Furthermore, another prominent charity group is The Australian Rotary Health Bequest Program. This way, you can avail the opportunity to help out future generations. It offers an online donation kit, where you can donate to your desired cause.

Moreover, there are few groups and organizations, from where, if you purchase online within limited number of days, they offer you with special offers and discounts along with an extra earning to the cause you want to donate for. The best example in this respect is of the AusCause online shopping mall, which offers an extra $5 as donation on your purchase within the first 45 days of your registration.