Friday, September 24, 2010

Kremasti beach, Rhodes Island

Location of Kremasti Beach
Rhodes Island is undoubtedly blessed with a variety of everything, whether it is about the sightseeing opportunities or else about the enjoyments during parties on the beaches or top most resorts. One of the best picnic spots is the famous Kremasti beach. When it comes to the Kremasti beach, it is on the face of the resort of Kremasti, which is housed 12 km from the Rhodes town at South-west on the island’s coast (northwestern).

Views on the Kremasti Beach
This beautiful beach is a fraction of a lengthy sandy beach of the western coastline. It is stretched on an area of 10 km from Kremasti to the Theologos. According to a recent survey report, there are a plenty of visitors from different parts of the world, who admired this beach. In their opinion, it is excellent beach from all the perspectives as you can have swimming opportunities as well as it provides accommodations.

Facilities Offered at Kremasti Beach
Kremasti beach being an entirely well-organized location offers various luxurious amenities such as the sightseeing, swimming, sun-bathing, tasty cuisines and drinks. Some other opportunities you can avail here mainly include a diverse range of water sports. It becomes more fascinating when the sun gets more brightness, the water gets crystalline and the sand looks like gems. It is the exact time when Kremasti beach touches the peaks of tourism by attracting a plenty of people from different ethnic origins.