Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A trip to the historic centre of Rhodes New Town

Greek Island of Rhodes like many other beautiful places is also a unique tourist destination with many Rhodes accommodation solutions, sightseeing, natural beauties, lush green fields, splendid beaches and amazing villages. Tourists from across Europe and other parts of the world visit this wonderland every year in the form of groups, families, couples, single, with their romances and even with the children.

This island provides them with some unique opportunities that no other island of the world does. Perhaps, that is the possible reason; the number of its tourists is increasing day after day. It offers fun and party places, calm and peaceful places, historic and archaeological places and a lot more fun activities during your stay so that you can enjoy all pleasures of life at one place.

Location of the Historic Centre of New Rhodes Town
Rhodes town is triangular in shape at its northern part, which is delimited by the sea from the Western, Northern and Eastern sides. Similarly, its Southern side touches the old town along with the hill of Monte Smith, which is commonly known as Aghios Stefanos. This southern part of the Rhodes town is called the historic center. Getting superb Rhodes accommodation near this place is quite easy for everyone.

You can find various enchanting places such as the quarter of Niohori and Mandraki. You will also come across almost all the administrative and recreational infrastructures established during Italian domination of the island. In order to take pleasures of their alluring sites, you can even hire your desired Rhodes accommodation in the region.

The petite harbor of Mandraki has been used as a naval port in the medieval town of Rhodes. The three ancient towers which are used as the Museum, Hydrographic Service of the Greek Army and as a travel agency, signify enriched features of this place. Moreover, a lighthouse and the castle of Aghios Nicolaos, which is on the right side of Mandraki, are some of the other relics of the Knights’ period.

The Ottoman Empire also played its part in the rehabilitation and constructive activities of this region. Some of their major constructions include a mosque with beautiful minaret; located in the northern region, and a Muslim graveyard of Mourat Reys, where you can find cemeteries of various significant Ottomans. It will be a great honor to avail Rhodes accommodation near these unique sites of the region.

Most of the infrastructures as well as the monuments in this part of the town either belong to the era of Italian ascendancy (between 1912 and 1943) or after 1948. Some of the most significant among them include the Aquarium, which is located in the most northern verge of the island, the New Market, the infrastructures of the Port’s Authority, the Greek’s National Bank, the Court House, the Town Hall, the Post Office and the Casino.

Many of them are the finest examples of the fascist architecture along with various traits of eclectic style. Besides all this, the details evoke a blend of cultures that have been urbanized on the island. Some of the Rhodes accommodation solutions exemplify these traits.

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