Friday, September 24, 2010

Must see Rhodes: The village of Laerma

Laerma is primarily a small traditional village located almost at the middle of the Rhodes Island and is about 58 km in the southwest towards Rhodes town. Established on a hill, the village preserves many of the medieval infrastructures, which has recently been restored. You will really find best Rhodes accommodation as well as a peace of mind in this village as it is almost hidden in the lush green forests.
This place has been repetitively colonized since the mighty era of Pre-Hellenic times. Furthermore, the village’s real name is said to be a wrong pronunciation of the medieval name of the city of Ladarma. Today, the population of the village reaches to the count of 500 permanent residents, who are affiliated with the major occupation of agriculture. Finding Rhodes accommodation near this village is not a problem.
In other words, you can have best Rhodes Accommodation facilities only at the nearby tourist destinations, but on the contrary, you can avail one of the most delicious cuisines at the traditional taverns of the Laerma village.
Attractions of the Laerma Village
You can also locate the Holy Monastery of Taxiarchis Michael Tharris, which is about 4 kilometers away at the Southwest of the island. This monastery was built in the era of Byzantine. Apart from this, there are some nice frescoes of the 17th century and the past. Moreover, the monastery is located in an environment of lush green vicinity.