Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A trip to Rhodes Municipal Stadium (Diagoras Stadium)

History of the Stadium
Established in 1932, the municipal stadium of Rhodes houses Diagoras’ and Rodos FC’s 2nd Divisions. With the seating capacity of 3,700, the stadium has a record attendance of about 8,500 people during a competition between Rodos FC and Olympiacos CFP in 1981. It is therefore an ideal place from almost the perspectives, where you can avail many of the Rhodes Town Hotels in the surrounding areas.

Rhodes Municipal Stadium was formerly termed as the National Stadium, which was named after a renowned Olympic boxing champion of ancient times named, Diagoras, who was one of the citizens of the island. This beautiful stadium was built during the Italian domination of the Dodecanese Islands. One of the top quality Rhodes Town Hotels are available in the region at low costs.

Location of the Municipal Stadium
The municipal stadium is situated in Rhodes, which is the major town of the same name of Dodecanese Island. You can avail Rhodes’ international airport as well as a boat from Piraeus to access this place. Similarly, you can reach stadium from right outside the old walls of the medieval city quarter towards the south. You can also avail one of the best Rhodes Town Hotels in the area and nearby areas.

Therefore, it is quite easily accessible. If you start your tour from the middle of the new town, travel beside the Dimokratias Street, equivalent to the walls as well as the moat. Rather than turning right at the crossroad to Faliraki and Lindos, you should continuously straight ahead. After passing 100 meters, you can get outside the stadium.

The Municipal Stadium also carries a cycling track of the ancient times in the surrounding of a pitch, which is still under the use of the concerned authority even today. You can witness stands on the three sides of the stadium. One of the most distinguishing among these stands is the one with north curve having a clock above its entrance point.

Apart from all this, the colors of the seats including white & green and red & blue refer to the Diagoras and Rodos. These are the two prominent clubs that call this beautiful stadium home. The amazing Diagoras Stadium is currently in a great need of upgrading. Some of the stadium’s facilities remain more or less as they have been facilitating people for over three quarters of a century ago.

Moreover, the stadium is currently protected by the Municipality of Rhodes. Although, the amazing Greek Island of Rhodes is packed with a variety of Rhodes town hotels, yet Domus Hotel is one among the unique and top order Rhodes town hotels offering world’s top class facilities and luxuries that have no match. You can access this hotel 30 meters from the Island Rhodes’ Clock Tower of the Old Town of Rhodes.

It is therefore, a great pleasure to visit this amazing site to avail outstanding pleasures of your life whether you are alone, with family, couple, children, romance or a group.

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