Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A visit to Kalavarda in Rhodes, Greece

The village of Kalavarda, being on the western coast of Island Rhodes, offers a heaven of natural beauty and landscape, which is filled with the fresh pine air as well as the authentic Greek traditions. This village is just 30 kilometers towards the south from its capital; the cosmopolite Town of Rhodes. You can find a blend of luxurious Rhodes town hotels, where you can enjoy knight-like life with your children, friends and family in Rhodes.

There is good news for the mountain lovers as the village of Kalavarda and its privacy is entirely being protected by the alluring peak of Profitis Ilias. It is therefore a place that welcomes especially to the hikers as the village offers some hiking session or the mountain biking between the lush green pine trees forests of the area. You would be lucky enough, if you could find a deer and some best Rhodes town hotels in the nearby areas.

You can even book your stay in one of the most comfortable apartments in the vicinity, which are run by the enchanting locals. This place also provides various opportunities to avail the best Greek environment here. Apart from this, there is just one small hotel in the Kalavarda Village, which offers few cozy rooms with a beautiful terrace. Other top Rhodes town hotels can be accessed in the neighboring areas.

Besides this, you are advised to taste fresh fish in one of the fascinating beach tavernas. You can also avail opportunity to mix up with the local people, and to have a cup of coffee at one of the caf├ęs available in the village’s central square. The neat and clean sandy and pebbled beach in Kalavarda offers you great view, where you can completely relax yourself in Kalavarda.

Furthermore, the touching waves of the blue Aegean to the coast along with the amazing mountain; protecting the beach as well as the sound of the waves flouting at the coast, sparkling under the friendly Greek sun will make your trip more interesting. In order to enjoy all these pleasures to the maximum extent, you must not miss the opportunity to avail Rhodes town hotels in the nearest resorts.

Similarly, while travelling though the south of Rodos, you should make sure that you have taken along your camera, because you will come across an amazing view of the unexplored valleys, petite villages of the fishermen having whitewashed houses, lush green jungles and olive groves during this course.

One of the high quality Rhodes town hotels, such as the Paris Hotel, which is at about 5 minutes’ walking distance from the Saint Francisco Roman Catholic Church in the Rhodes Old Town, are waiting for you to come and explore the treasures of this beautiful land.

If you are more enthusiastic to carry out an exploratory trip, you are advised to visit northern part of the village too. Here you can find traditional Theologos or Tholos village, where you will witness people still practicing the old traditions. Moreover, the Rhodos city is always ready to reveal its old hidden secrets, its attractive terraces and the amazing Elli beach, which will take you at the Casino.

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