Friday, September 24, 2010

Must see Beaches in the East Coast of Rhodes

Rhodes is full of many of the large and small beaches all around the island. The Eastern coast of Island Rhodes is quite significant in this respect, where you can not only avail many of the amazing beaches, but also some of the best Rhodes accommodation solutions. These beaches offer a variety of fun and entertainment activities that won’t let you get bored. Following are some of the top beaches in the Eastern Coast of Rhodes:

1. The Afandou Beach
2. The Agathi Beach, (near Charki Village, Rhodes)
3. The Popular Anthony Quinn Bay (near Faliraki, Rhodes)
4. The Faliraki Beach (Rhodes Island)
5. The Gennadi Beach

1. The Afandou Beach
Afandou beach is an excellent 7 kilometers long beach that offers a blend of shingle, amazing sands, eye catching pebbles and crystalline waters. You can even avail one of the most luxurious Rhodes accommodation solutions with a wide range of facilities on this Blue Flag award winning beach of the eastern coast of Island Rhodes.