Friday, September 24, 2010

Must see historical sites in Rhodes, Greece

Like many other resorts in Greece, Rhodes Island, is also full of many of the historical sites and villages. The plenty of historical sites on the island makes it a unique place for tourists and it becomes a major source of tourist attraction every year in summers. Following are some of the must see historical sits in Rhodes, Greece:

Acropolis of Lindos – Rhodes
Lindos Acropolis being a highly attractive site of Rhodes, from archaeological point of view, keeps natural landscape with a picturesque quality of a contemporary town and is situated 55 km from Rhodes city. It attracts tourists on the basis of many of the significant archaeological monuments at the acropolis. Similarly, you can also locate various interesting remains in the area, which are scattered at different places inside and outside of the town.

Acropolis of Rhodes
When it comes to the medieval acropolis of Rhodes, it can be found on the hill, which is now called as ‘Monte Smith.’ You can now find few relics of it, from where you can hardly have an idea of its original splendor. Being in town, the acropolis of Rhodes is yet a worth seeing spot during Rhodes holidays.

The Aktaion Building
Being located inside the Rhodes Island, it is a two-storey infrastructure having flat roof along with an arcade that overlooks the road through the sea. Its walls are constructed in a typical, local Isodomic masonry. Moreover, it keeps a highly amazing structure from inside, which is visible in the plans of this infrastructure.