Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Enjoying Rhodes Holidays in Ixia

Introduction to Ixia
At a distance of 5-kilometers in the south-west of Rhodes City, there is a quite known tourist destination named, Ixia. This destination offers one of the top-class accommodations and superb leisure activities to make your Rhodes Holidays 2010 a memorable event in your life.

Due to its proximity from the airport, it takes a short interval of time to reach this place. Its long and gritty beach turns windy in summer season. Therefore, your Rhodes Holidays 2010 would be a great fun and entertainment with wind-surfing, sailing & para-sailing. Ixia is hence a perfect Rhodes Holidays Ideas due to its suitable prefecture for the exploration of Rhodes Town and other nearby islands.

Why to Visit Ixia?
This beautiful spot is extended with the stretch of gritty beach. So, wherever in Ixia you avail Rhodes Holidays 2010, you won’t be far from the sea. Its windy beach is no less than a safe haven for the lovers of water-sports. Additionally, you can avail its vivacious evenings, but if you still want to enjoy more, Rhodes Town welcomes you from all aspects.

Popularity of Ixia
Rhodes Holidays 2010 on Ixia would attract a large number of people including watersports lovers and families. Moreover, its nearness from the Rhodes Town and the amalgamation of its beach holidays along with traditional sightseeing makes it a perfect tourist destination.

When to Visit?
The upcoming summer season is the most known time to visit Ixia for Rhodes Holidays 2010. During this period (from March to November) the temperature remains twenty to thirty degrees centigrade.

Ixia – A worth-visiting Tourist Spot
Due to its popularity, Ixia catches attention of various British tourists each year. It is popular for one of the best accommodations and a variety of leisure activities on Rhodes Island. Similarly, the beautiful sun-setting scenes and traditional foods both make Ixia a heaven on earth.

Moreover, holidays in Ixia guarantees summer sun, highly-luxurious accommodations, water-sports and good restaurants.

Nightlife in Ixia
Ixia also owns various restaurants, bars and few discos. Similarly, the scenes of nightlife in Ixia are fairly attractive.

Shopping in Ixia
Although it can not be compared with the Rhodes Town with respect to a variety of shops, yet if you really want to enjoy shopping, you are advised to ride towards the old town’s Turkish quarter. You can avail fashion boutiques, jewelries, gifts and luxury goods here.

Foods in Ixia
Ixia possesses a wide range of restaurants offering numerous food items with a variety of tastes. You can have almost everything ranging from Greek’s traditional food to the international cuisine. Similarly, you can enjoy sipping the local wines of excellent value with very pleasant taste.

Moreover, if you are having children with yourself, they are warmly welcomed in some of the more exclusive restaurants. You need not to worry about their tastes and portion sizes because they are also accommodated in Ixia. Hence, plan your Rhodes Holidays 2010 to celebrate in Ixia if you really wish to take pleasures of all sorts.

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