Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Best Beaches to visit in the South of Rhodes

There are a variety of most appealing beaches in the southern region of Island Rhodes. This land is blessed with a wide range of natural beauties in the form of enchanting places, forests, eye-catching sandy beaches and multi-colored waters. It is therefore a best Rhodes holidays spot for the production of marvelous Rhodes holidays ideas. It will make your next Rhodes holidays filled with lots of fun and entertainment.

Following are some of the most prominent beaches of the Southern Rhodes that will enhance the pleasures of Rhodes Holidays 2010.

Kiotari Beach
Generally, Kiotari is a contemporary tourist destination with a range of an alluring and perhaps unending land stretched for its sandy beach. Your Rhodes holidays with your family, couples or children will be more enjoyable due to its peaceful sea here. You can also enjoy taking pleasures of swimming at this wonderful beach. Similarly, you can have sun bath at its neat and clean, golden sands while serving traditional dishes at restaurants.

Gennadi Beach
This beach is primarily known for its beautiful sands and petite rocks that can be seen everywhere inside and outside the beach. You can enjoy your parties on the island with full emancipation of everything. Moreover, this beach carries different and interesting sides for your entertainment. One is the quite and peaceful side and the other one is quite intense. Hence, your Summer Rhodes Holidays will be a great fun and entertainment here.

Aghios Paylos Beach
The beach of Aghios Pavlos owns a wet sand where you may have the difficultly to walk on. You will find this beach often deserted along with cedars. It is hence an ideal place for those who wish to seek some time in loneliness. Similarly, you can enjoy watching cypress trees with an ancient Italian Monastery. To access this beach, you are suggested to follow the dirt track among cypress trees which is in the opposite direction of the ‘Italian Monastery;’ known for its beautiful bell & clock tower.

Prasonisi Beach
You can find this amazing beach at the southernmost end of the island. It is a wavy beach from the right and windless from the left side, where you will find surfers everywhere. There is a sandy land bridge on both of its sides that connects Prasonisi with Rhodes where you can find small bays. This island can be accessed on foot or else by swimming depending upon the season and the level of its water.

The sea on its both sides usually combines to cover the dry land that creates images of astounding beauty. It is therefore a unique heaven-like place for surfers who usually visit during the strongly blowing winds of July and August.

Fourni Beach
Fourni has a peaceful little beach carrying pebbles and choppy waters. It is an ideal place for authentically genuine beauty lovers. You can also enjoy turtles (Caretta caretta), wild bays and boat-like rock along the beach. All this collectively makes your trip an unforgettable memory of your life that will remind you of your best times.

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