Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Enjoying Lassithi Holidays in Agios Nikolaos

Exploring Agios Nikolaos during Lassithi Holidays
Being one of the top order tourist places, Agios Nikolaos is an enchanting place for enjoying Lassithi holidays. This amazing jurisdiction of Crete (Greece) offers a customary and tranquil fishing town standard of living.
Whether you accompany your family, children or friends or you even visit this place alone, in both cases, you can have best times during your Lassithi holidays. It also provides great entertainment if you are alone. Moreover, this magical place with its amazing sites will indeed make your tour more interesting.
Visitors can find a wide range of accommodation to stay in Agios Nikolaos including luxury hotels, apartments, rooms and studios. You can enjoy traditional food, great services, musical nights and many other facilities in these places. You can find many cafés, tourist shops, restaurants and clubs to have fun with you partners.
During Lassithi Holiday you can enjoy shopping in Aghios Nikolaos as well. You can find many shops selling different kind of traditional items and local cultural products like olive oil, spices, herbs and honey.
You can also find many gold and silver jewelers shops in the markets of Aghios Nikolaos. Many of these jewelers have their own workshops and are expert in creating beautiful jewellary designs that you can see in their front showrooms. Weekly market in Agios Nikolaos also attracts the visitors. Here you can find almost all the things.
During your Lassithi Holiday in Agios Nikolaos you can see many amazing tourist spots. Some of the sites are as under:
1. Museums in Agios Nikolaos
You can find two museums in Agios Nikoloas, the Folk Museum and the Archaeological Museum. The Folk museum is situated at Port Authority’s building near the bridge of the canal connecting Voulismeni Lake with sea. In this Museum you can see many brilliant examples of Folk art and creative crafts including Cretan embroidery, Weaving and lace making.
Whereas, in Archaeological Museum you can see many historical items including findings from the graveyard of Aghia Photia, dating back to 2300 BC. You can also see collection of more than 1500 vases here. Beside the Minoan treasures, you can also see the skull young Roman sportsman decorated with gold olive-leaf dated back to the 1st century AD.
2. Agios Nikolaos Marina
This beautiful place offers a wonderful international marina and port as well. You can find many luxury yachts and small fishing boats. You can also see huge size cruise liners unloading their cargo of tourists and day-trippers. At this place you can find many restaurants and bars around the lake and the bay.
3. Voulismeni Lake in Agios Nikolaos
Voulismeni Lake is the central landmark of Agios Nikolaos. Beside this lake you can find many open-air cafés, restaurants and hotels. You can also enjoy fishing on small fishing boats in this lake and can enjoy the beautiful landscape and relaxing atmosphere. Sunset scene of Voulismeni Lake is even more beautiful and attracts lots of tourists. You can enjoy walk with your friends, family members and loved ones beside this lake.
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