Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Discovering Rhodes: Amaranteios School of Rhodes

Defining Rhodes’ Amaranteios School
Rhodes has a plenty of worth seeing destinations on offer but the Amaranteios School of Rhodes is of unique sort among all others. It is stone-built infrastructure with tiled roofs having a ground floor and a basement inside it.

When it comes to the Amaranteios, it is a best instance of the neoclassical architectural style, where you can find a major gigantic entrance situated at the centre of the façade with an extensive recess of four beautiful columns. Rhodes accommodation of almost every kind is available in this region at quite low charges, where you can have fun and partying during your stay.

Similarly, you can find various bedecked elements on the outer surfaces of the building such as the pillars framing the bands and windows, due to which the building seems quite attractive externally.

The infrastructure of the Amaranteios School of Rhodes was established by the Amarantos family in 1911, who later donated it to the town. Today, the school’s building acts as the 8th Elementary School in Rhodes. It is therefore an ideal place for all age groups, where you can avail best Rhodes accommodation with a range of facilities and luxuries that can not be found on any other place in the Island of Rhodes.

Finding one of the top Rhodes accommodation solutions in the region is quite easy now. One of the best instances is of the Domus Hotel that can be approached near the clock tower of the Old Town.

Rhodes’ Amaranteios School: Free admission days
There are some special days when you can get free admission into the school, for instance; the Sundays between 1st November and 31st March. Similarly, there is the first Sunday of every month, except for the month of July, August & September –when there is a holiday on the first Sunday; the second is said to be the free admission day.

Moreover, another free admission day is of 27th September, when it is an International Tourism Day in the region.

Who can Avail Free Admission?
Free admission is granted to the University students of not only the Greece but also to the European Union. If you really wish to join this amazing school, you are advised to hire nearest Rhodes accommodation.

Opening of the School
In 2010, The Rhodes’ Amaranteios School will remain open in the winter season from 1st November till 31st March. The timings will be from 08:30 am to 03:00 pm every day. Moreover, everyone can access entrance to the school especially during Rhodes holidays. It is therefore, one of the most idealistic places to be visited on Island Rhodes.

Furthermore, you won’t forget your trip, if you are lucky enough to avail all the facilities, joys and luxuries not only alone but also with your families, children, couples and groups. Rhodes Island apart from offering Amaranteios School, also provide opportunities of sightseeing, natural beauty and landscape, so that you can have an unforgettable time during your stay in the brimming Rhodes Island of Greece.

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