Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Benefits of taking Piano Lessons

The design of piano has remained practically unchanged for more than three centuries. Still, it is one of the most famous instruments being played by a number of people around the world.

Primarily, piano is an individual event, whereas, the uphill struggle and devotion of a child or a beginner is showcased in restricted piano recitals. Most of the recitals provide people with the rewards of best presentations called, ribbons. Piano recitals exemplify both the sense of gratification of triumph and the pain of failure.

As soon as the children and beginners show progress in their lessons, they get promotion to the next step with a partner for ‘four-handed’ piano. In this step two individuals play the same music on one or two pianos. The music piece is especially composed to adjust the two varying players, whereas, the four-handed compositions are quite intricate in their harmonies.

It is really quite difficult for an individual to organize his both hands to get the proper beat and rhythm. Moreover, coordination during training schedules, tolerance with a partner’s learning spirals, and admitting mistakes are all parts of a teamwork that leads you towards the advancement of your piano skills.

According to a combined study conducted by a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, Dr. Frances Rauscher and a physicist at of the University of California at Irvine, Gordon Shaw, the preschool children who took piano education, scored 34% more marks in the tests gauging spatial-temporal reasoning than the ones who did not take piano lessons.

Moreover, spatial-temporal reasoning is one of the functions of brain, which is used to comprehend mathematics, engineering and science.

Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons
Following are some of the points highlighting popularity as well as the benefits of taking piano lessons:

1. Being an autonomous hobby, it is always ready to be played by anyone.

2. One of the active pursuits of leisure is to play the piano. It stimulates your mind with its built in factor of amusement.

3. Apart from teaching self discipline, piano lessons spotlight your mind and reveal your best abilities.

4. It will not let you get bored but will always keep you active.

5. Playing the piano enhances your coordination skills. Amalgamating it with the ‘sport’ and ‘dance’ is the ultimate combination in this regard.

6. It will let you discover reading music ranging from Beethoven to the Beatles.

7. After getting confidence in playing piano, you can start composing your own music. Creation of even a quite simple tune will gratify you.

8. It enhances your level of intellect. Similarly, it is a proven fact that piano lessons accelerate the neural pathways of human brain.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits of taking piano lessons, there are some other benefits too. One most prominent benefit of playing piano is that it brings considerable decline in your sadness and enhances your level of gratifications along with broadening your vision. Sometimes, it takes you in an entirely different world – in other words, a fairy world.