Friday, September 24, 2010

Exploring Lassithi Plateau & Dikteon Cave during Lassithi Holidays

Plateau of Lassithi & the Dikteon Cave
Lassithi plateau is considered to be one of the few Mediterranean regions, highlighting longtime inhabitants at a quite high altitude of over 800 meters. This prefecture of Crete covers an approximately twenty-five-thousand square kilometers of the whole area. People from around the world visit this place for the enjoyment of their Lassithi Holidays.

It is a fascinating land of lush-greenish and yellowish fields, surrounded by some high ranges of mountains. Windmills of picturesque and exclusive visual phenomenon are a major source of irrigation for this area that collectively makes it a perfect spot for Lassithi Holidays.

According to a number of prehistoric sites and their enriched findings in this region, Lassithi plateau is populated since the Neolithic Era. Some of the findings indicate that this plateau has been utilized for farming purposes by the Minoans and the Dorians respectively. But after the start of Venetian occupation, the Cretans left deprived with respect to accessing these areas.