Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Enjoying Rhodes Holidays at the beach of Kallithea

Location of the Kallithea Beach
One of the astounding Rhodes beaches Kallithea beach is located at about 11 kilometers’ distance in the south towards Rhodes town and around 7 kilometers in the east towards the beautiful Koskinou Village and the City of Rhodes. You can have best Rhodes holidays while enjoying medieval infrastructures of the spa that date back to the Italian domination period. You can have top Rhodes holidays ideas here.

The exotic vegetation as well as a range of beautiful palm trees along with a pebbled coast will collectively make your Rhodes holidays excellent. The scenic beauty of the landscape and facilities like public transportation, sun beds, umbrellas and food will amuse you during summer Rhodes holidays. Apart from this, you can enjoy famous Scuba Diving activity of the area during your next Rhodes holidays.

Being quite near to the Rhodes town with the charm of a beautiful sea, the beach provides numerous opportunities like delicious cuisines, accommodations, entertainment and shopping, which can be enjoyed both in the surrounding areas as well as in the main town of Rhodes. The rocky cove with its amazing sea also fascinates seabed, which is quite ideal for underwater activities.

You can find many of the facilities here like the sun beds, umbrellas, cabanas and shower. On your entrance to the beach, you can also locate a card-operated phone with a cantina, where you can enjoy having snacks and refreshments. Moreover, the neighboring Koskinou Village is the best site to wander around, which is about 7 kilometers in the west to this beach.

How to Access Kallithea Beach?
You can also avail addressing to the related services of the town of Rhodes, in case of emergence, which is perhaps 7 kilometers towards the West from Koskinou. Approaching this beach is quite easy from the town of Rhodes, where you can find public buses with frequent services during your Rhodes holidays 2010. You can also avail cabs, private or rented cars and motorbikes to enjoy all pleasures of your life.

Kallithea beach is such a place, where most of the locals often gather on daily basis. The attraction is because of its little distance from Rhodes town, the alluring Italian-Baths, the obvious mezedes delights as well as the little bays and coves along with their monumental rocks and crystal green waters. This resort attracts a variety of local visitors especially after the peak season for swimming activities.

However, you are advised not to mix it up with the mini-beach, which is available below the Baths. It gets crowded with the visitors coming in little boats from the town of Rhodes town to avail brimming Baths facilities, which are currently under renovation process. If you are feeling hunger, the signs at various places will guide you about the location of various petite holes of the area.

Moreover, you can locate a variety of pine-surrounded coves and bays, where you can also find stone pools with beautiful pebbles. Be very much careful while diving into the sea as it is quite deep, so you must be a good swimmer to meet the challenges.
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