Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A trip to Kathara beach, Rhodes

Location of the Kathara Beach
Rhodes Island apart from various other beautiful beaches is blessed with another unique beach called the beach of Kathara which means clean in Greek. This clean and beautiful beach is quite sandy with an amalgamation of rocks in its surroundings. Its location at the homonymous cove and its natural beauty makes it an ideal place to visit during your vacations where you can find many of the Rhodes town hotels.

Being situated at a few hundred meters’ distance from the Faliraki’s central square at the Southern side with about 12.5 kilometers distance from the Rhodes town (towards South), this beach attracts many of the tourists round the year. It carries many of the tourist attractions along with some prominent Rhodes town hotels in its surroundings. Therefore, your trip to this unique beach will be quite enchanting.

What It Offers?
In the surrounding of this area, you can avail the opportunity to choose from a wide range of accommodation solutions, food items and drinks to meet your needs. The reason is that this entire region is developed with an intention to attract all kind of tourists. Similarly, you can have snacks or full meals in various Rhodes town hotels, restaurants and taverns available on the sea front of the beach.

This beautiful beach along with its excellent sand and clean shallow water is therefore an ideal place for families with little kids. As it is a highly-organized beach, so it provides equal opportunities to the swimmers with a wide range of showers, umbrellas, sun beds, telephone and cloak-rooms services. While staying in on of the top Rhodes town hotels, you can avail all these facilities at considerable prices.

While visiting this beautiful beach, you can take pleasures of superb views of a petite basilica of Aghioi Apostoloi which is commonly known as the St. Apostles as well as of the small harbor having fishing boats inside it. One of its other amazing features is that apart from being quite near to Faliraki, it is not so packed what it should be. So, if you are looking for a less noisy beach, this beach will be ideal for you.

It also offers a local Medical Center, which is 3 kilometers towards the west at Kalythies. Similarly, you can also find a First Aid Station, which is hardly at 500 meters’ distance in Faliraki. The surrounding Rhodes town hotels of this beach will provide you quick services with a diverse range of facilities to make your stay more comfortable.

How to Access this Beach?
You can easily approach this beach from the Rhodes town as you can find many of the public buses, cabs and private cars and motorbikes. Moreover, you can find a taxi station close to Faliraki resort from where you can hire a cab at considerable prices. Furthermore, Paris Hotel is the best to stay in on this island as it is at a 5 minutes’ walking distance from St Francisco Roman Catholic Church in Rhodes Town.

Resource Box
Rhodes Old Town ( offers its tourists with numerous luxurious Rhodes Town Hotels ( to make their stay cozier. You are therefore advised to visit this place during your summer vacations to enjoy all the facilities.