Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brown Rice for Losing Weight

According to the study of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, brown rice is a far better choice as compared to the white rice with respect to weight loss.

Comparison of Rice – Brown and White

Before removing outer rice bran, Brown rice; which is supposed to be a whole grain, can be seen in white color. After the removal of its bran, it transforms into white rice and become lighter. Similarly, it can then be cooked much faster.

Basically, the brown rice is actually the white rice. The only difference is of the bran and most of its fiber. Since fiber is a prerequisite of our diet that helps us in weight loss, brown rice is therefore a smart choice. It is because the white rice is generally equipped with iron and vitamin B, but it almost loses its nutrients like magnesium and zinc.

Brown rice due to its high nutritional worth is hence an outstanding supplement to our daily diet. Only one cup of brown rice fills up our daily manganese requirements to no less than 88%. It helps us in the production of fatty acids that are linked with our nervous system. Similarly, it produces cholesterol as well as sex hormones.

Brown rice apart from being highly enriched with fiber also carries high level of selenium. It is an important mineral proved to be significantly effective for the reduction of risks related the colon cancer. Moreover, selenium helps us prevent from cancer and prevents our heart from various diseases. It also declines inflammation like rheumatoid arthritis in medical conditions.

Brown Rice carries heart-friendly oil that reduces bad cholesterol levels (LDL). Utilizing 6 doses of whole grains in a week will considerably decline the upsurge of plaque. It will also slow down the expansion of arterial as well as heart diseases.

People have been taking too lightly the significance of antioxidants in whole wheat, corn, oats, and brown rice. According to the recent studies, the risk of colon cancer can be reduced with the help of extensive diets of the whole grains.

Brown rice is also a smart choice for diabetics. Its enrichment of fiber helps to a great extent in the protection against colon cancer. Moreover, brown rice helps to work bowel function properly that further prevents you from constipation.

Hence, it is confirmed that brown rice reduces more weight than the white rice. Make sure that ‘your stomach is not a garbage disposal’ so be careful while choosing the right diet. You'll get tension free and feel much better.