Friday, September 24, 2010

Must see sites in Kritinia Village during Rhodes Holidays

Historical Backdrop of Kritinia
Kritinia being a glittering spot for Rhodes holidays 2010 has a pretty long history dating back to the ancient times. A prominent myth indicates that it was established by Crete’s Althaemenis. Their initial colony was near the beach, but due to security reasons in the post-byzantine era, it was moved on the higher mountain of Attavyros to protect themselves against the pirates.

Unluckily, this medieval village was sunk under the sea but a few of its remnants are yet available for view. Most of its relics can be found under the sea. The only surviving old-Christian temple can be found on the coast during your Rhodes holidays. Later on, its fortress, Castello acted as a protection shield for the village. It is therefore one of the unique Rhodes holidays ideas.

Perhaps that is the possible reason; this village is still called Castellos. This castle is a blend of byzantine and middle age style and is preserved in good condition. Nowadays, Kritinia is a purely agricultural village famous for its fruits (especially for grapes), olive oil and vegetables.

Must See Sites in Kritinia Village
Some of the must visit sights of this village include:

Camiros Scala – A Place Worth Seeing
Camiros Scala along with its famous harbor is a great source of attraction for various tourists visiting this place from around the world during summer Rhodes holidays. It is a unique place where you can take pleasures of swimming, eating delicious cuisines at the fish taverns and refueling yourself.