Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Archangelos Village – A Must See Village in Rhodes, Greece

Location of Archangelos Village in Rhodes
Situated in the southern city of Rhodes, the enchanting village of Archangelos can be fond on the east cost of the island. It attracts every tourist who visits this lovely place with its narrow streets, striking squares, beautiful houses and its friendly people. Rhodes holidays and Rhodes Island offers their visitors with a lot more exciting opportunities to make their vacations amusing.

Although, it is one of the largest villages in Rhodes with a populace of around 6000 people, yet its people are strictly attached with their local customs and traditions as they still bake bread in the traditional ovens (wood fired). Similarly, the wedding ceremonies are still organized traditionally in the quads of houses. Moreover, the locals of the area still speak the same traditional idiom.

Moreover, you will find the traditional art of pottery and carpet-making still in practice by few of the locals in the area. Apart from this, you will find some of the people who still wear high leather boots.

Things to see in the Archangelos Village
You can also find in the village, the basilica of the Archangel Michael that still dominates the village. You can also witness a well preserved bell tower of the 19th century. Moreover, you can visit the Church of Saint John in the area. It contains attractive frescoes of the 14th century to amuse the tourists. It is therefore a place worth visiting from the perspective of Rhodes holidays and Rhodes Island.

Furthermore, there are some striking streets of the village as they carry many of the traditional houses beautifully painted with glowing colors. It also contains various bedecked walls and arches. They are decorated with the ceramic plates imported from the neighboring village of Lindos. These fine plates have made the walls highly attractive in order to catch attention of the tourists and people of different walks of life.

Apart from all this, if you need to mail something, you can visit the nearby post office where you can find everything related to mails. Similarly, if you want to cash you money, you can visit the banks. On the other hand, if you are not feeling well, you can avail a nearest health centre. All these facilities you can find on the main square of the village. Moreover, accommodations, cafes and taverns are also available here.

Additionally, another attractive site you can visit during your vacations is the Knights’-built fortress of Saint John. You can access this castle after covering ten-to-twenty minutes of walk from the village as it is available on the high top of the hill. In addition to all this, Rhodes holidays and Island Rhodes will collaborate together to provide you with the peace of your mind as per your desires.

So, stop wasting your time hither and thither rather you book your flight for the upcoming summer season and enjoy the pleasures of your life with your families. It will really be quite enchanting for anyone visiting this unique place on Island Rhodes.

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