Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Discovering the local products of Rhodes Island

The Greek island of Rhodes satisfies every aspect of the needs of tourists. Some of its best quality production of goods and the local traditional cuisine are quite significant in this respect. Tourists from around the world come and avail these products as it gives real delight to the senses. Hence, both the Rhodes holidays and Rhodes Island play a pivotal role in this regard.

Local Products on Offer in Rhodes Island
Rhodes Island offers a diverse range of its local as well as traditional products that makes your vacations more enjoyable. Besides the variety of traditional products, some of the top quality local products of the region include:

It is a kind of pasta cooked along with either the tomato sauce or else with the meat. Being one of the best quality local products, it enhances the tastes of the tourists while they serve it.

It is another popular local dish served with aubergines, potatoes, bechamel and cheese. It is therefore one of the top specialties of Rhodes Island.

These delicious local food items can be served in almost all the traditional taverns and restaurants and of the rural and urban areas of the Greek Island of Rhodes.

Casserole Meat Dishes and Pitaroudia
The Rhodes village of Afantou or Afandou is quite well known for its casserole meat dishes which are primarily cooked with tender potatoes and fresh onions in earthenware pots. Apart from these delicious dishes, another far tastier dish of the same village is known as the pitaroudia. Availing these local products will change your taste for sure and you will become a fan of the Rhodes holidays and Rhodes Island.

Local Sweets
The Greek Island of Rhodes also offers a range of mouth-watering sweets including the most popular kataifi which is made up of honey and nuts. Some other prominent sweets of the region are the baklava and the local belekounia – it is a made of the sesame and honey. Rhodes holidays and Rhodes Island will no doubt fulfill your eating desires. You must try these local products of the region at least once.

Local Wines
Rhodes Island is also known for its high quality wines because of their great taste and quality they have maintained since ancient times. Some of the delicious wines are produced with the help of wineries and distilleries of the island’s vineyards. The fertility of soil and constancy of sun play an important role for the production of good quality wines.

The companies like CAIR and EMERY own above 90% of the local grape production. Similarly, the most prominent labels of wine in Island Rhodes are the Ilios – the dry wines, the Grand Maitre and perhaps Chevalier de Rhodes – the dry red wine.

Fresh fruits of Rhodes Island are also one among the local products of the region as they are quite tasty. Moreover, honey, hand-woven carpets, pottery, fine ceramic plates and beautiful multi-colored embroideries are also included in the local products of Rhodes Island. If you’re lucky enough to avail all these products, you won’t be willing to leave this island.

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