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Enjoying Holidays in the City of Rethymnon

Location of the City of Rethymnon
Rethymnon being one of the best spot for Rethymnon holidays is the capital of the region of the same name (Rethymnon). It is established among the two other biggest cities of Crete. It is situated 80 kilometers in the eastern Iraklion and 60 kilometers in the western Hania. Similarly, it is accessible from the northern coastline. It carries two biggest sandy beaches in the eastern and southern regions of Crete.

Moreover, it is said to be the commercial, communications and administrative hub of the region having estimated 25000 of populace. Therefore, it is a best place for making Rethymnon Holidays where you can even generate some of the quality Rethymnon Holidays Ideas.

How to Access the City of Rethymnon?
You can travel from the port of Rethymnon to Piraeus as they maintain a direct link throughout the year. You can also avail summer trips to Santorini which are organized here to make your Rethymnon holidays more entertaining.

Besides all this, Rethymnon does not carry any airport but the city as well as the tourists is served by the Hania’s and Iraklion’s airports. It is perhaps among the best Rethymnon holidays ideas.

Means of Transport
Public buses are the major travelling means to Iraklion, Hania, and many other villages and towns in the Rethymnon region. But you can also hire cabs and rental cars to enjoy full charm of the Rethymnon holidays.

Sights to Visit in the Region
Following are some of the most prominent sites you can visit during your stay in this region:

The Venetian Loggia
It is a 16th century elegant building that has been used as a Venetian gentlemen’s club in the past. Today, you will find a sales centre of an archaeological museum along with an information office of the ministry of culture inside this building.

The Fortezza Castle
It is situated on the top of a low-hill, Palaiokastro (The Old Castle) that dominates the town. This castle was established in 1590. Its basic purpose was to protect the city from certain pirates and the Turks. You will find various buildings such as the storeroom of the artillery, residential places of the councilors and the Rector inside this fortress.

Rimondi Fountain
Established in 1626 by A. Rimondi, it is a highly decorated place located at the middle of the Venetian town called Platanos Square. Its basic purpose was the provision of clean drinkable water to the citizens.

Some other eminent places to visit in the region include Neratzes Mosque, The Kara Mousa Pasa Mosque, Porta Guora, Folklore & History Museum, The Archaeological Museum of Rethymnon and The Municipal Gardens.

Facilities Provided at the City of Rethymnon
Keeping in vision the needs and wants of the visitor, the Rethymnon city offers a lot of luxury hotels, delicious cuisines, night clubs, bars and various shopping malls. Hence, it will really be a great fun and entertainment during your stay. Moreover, this region will make your vacations an unforgettable memory of your life.

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