Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A tour to Rhodes Old Town

You can find many of the charming destinations in Rhodes that provides you with the best Rhodes accommodation solutions during your tour. Some of the most significant tourist resorts you can locate in the region include historic sites, the astounding medieval towns and villages of Rhodes and amazing beaches. It is therefore one of the superb ideas to visit this place on in Greece.

Old Town of Rhodes: A Place Worth Seeing
When it comes to the amazing Rhodes Old Town, you can locate a diverse range of cafes, Rhodes accommodation solutions, bars, hotels and restaurants in the area. The medieval town of Rhodes can be reached at the verge of Rhodes Harbor. This area of the Rhodes Island is famous for its old town structure and amazing walls.

Offers you can avail at the Old Town
The old Rhodes Town has a wide variety of sculptures and old buildings including bridges of beautiful architectural styles that will lead you to the ancient times, and where you can have quality time during your stay. You can also avail one of the prominent Rhodes accommodation solutions in the area. All these things collectively make a good impression on the tourists to attract them.

Moreover, you can also avail street walks in different areas of the medieval town. The old town still keeps quite well condition among other preserved ancient European settlements, and has a lot to discover in.

Top Tourist Resorts in Rhodes Old Town
Although, Rhodes contains a variety of activities available in Rhodes Old Town, yet some of the major resorts that are really worth seeing:

The Beautiful Knights’ Street
This street has been in use by a number of warriors as well as the Knights as their Rhodes accommodation. Still, you can find most of the ancient Rhodes accommodations that contain inns and lodges, which were in the use of knights during their period. Apart from this, there is a famous Palace of Grand Masters on the corner of this street. Therefore, it is an ideal place for Holidays 2010 in Rhodes.

The Archaeological Museum – Rhodes Old Town
Rhodes Archaeological Museum is located in the historic building of Knights’ hospital. Most of the archaeological excavations have been carried out at this place to obtain significant findings. It is probably, one of the best tourist destinations, where you can find a blend of everything including best Rhodes accommodation.

11 Gates of the Old Town
It is a best sightseeing destination in Rhodes old town that offers an exceptional charm with each gate to attract a variety of tourists every year. Among these eleven gates include the Amboise gate, the Elefterias gate, the Panagia gate, the Athanasiou gate and the Agiou Ioannou gate.

Miscellaneous Destinations
Few other destinations you can visit during your trip to the Rhodes old town are the Simi square, the Ippokratous square, Minaret of the old city, The Great Hamam, the Mosque of Suleiman, the Byzantine Museum and the clock tower etc. You are therefore recommended to avail Rhodes accommodation near top tourist attractions in Rhodes old town.

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