Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Enjoying a trip to Rhodes Aquarium

History and Location of the Aquarium
Rhodes offers many sites and tourist destinations which are close to the best Rhodes accommodation solutions in the region. One among them is The Aquarium of Rhodes. It is located in the Hydro-Biological Station’ infrastructure, that comes in the boundary of Rhodes city.

The building of this unique aquarium was established during the Italian domination between 1934 and 1936, in order to make it an Institute of Biological Research. After the freedom of the Dodecanese islands, it was assigned with the name of Greek Hydro-Biological Institute that carried an aquarium along with a museum inside it. If you want to visit this site, you can avail anyone of the nearby Rhodes accommodation.

What it offers?
The Aquarium is primarily aimed at presenting and preserving the species of the Mediterranean Sea. It comprises of a globular area that contains 13 big and 15 small tanks. They involve a collection of fish and other Mediterranean organisms as display items for the public. Being covered with sand, corals and shingles from the bottom, these tanks are prepared with cement. They carry filtered sea water inside them.

You can find various kinds of sea species which are hosted in these water tanks. They include dolphins, sea turtles, sharps, mollusks, seals, crabs, echinoderms and different kinds of fish. Besides aquarium, you can find many of the Rhodes accommodation solutions offering amazing services to the tourists visiting from around the globe.

Similarly, you can avail an immense underground area where you can find a huge stock of new species including sea animals that deserve special protection as well as treatment. Moreover, this unique sort of underground is commonly used for the hospitalization of seals and sea turtles from the near waters. Various Rhodes accommodation solutions are close to nearby seashores, where you can see various species.

Today, the Rhodes’ Hydro-Biological Station administers many of the research works on the oceanography of Dodecanese Islands. Hence, it is a model research unit of the Mediterranean region close to various Rhodes accommodation solution providers. Therefore, it is worth seeing a place for researchers as well as for the documentary makers as it provides unique topics for both research and documentaries.

People from around the world come and take pleasures of the natural sea life at the Aquarium. Various species such as fishes, turtles, crabs and other organisms are therefore a great source of attraction for most of the tourists including children.

Depending upon the species’ kind, size and preferences, the quality plus quantity of the food and the temperature of the water is maintained. Squid, octopus, shrinks and mussels are the major sources of food for frozen fishes. They are provided with such feeds thrice a week.

Opening and Entry Fee for Public
The aquarium remains open from twice in a year from 1st April to 31st October (9 AM to 9 PM) and from 1st November to 31st March (9 AM to 4.30 PM). Similarly, its entry fee is varying for different ages of people. It costs 600 dr. for adults and 400 dr. for children, students and group of 15 people.

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