Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Enjoying holidays at the beaches of Rhodes

Rhodes Island, being a heavenly place on earth, is located in Greece. It offers many of the sightseeing opportunities along with a number of astounding activities. You will find both sun and sand on the island as it attracts a variety of tourists every year from the across the world. Apart from this, its beaches and amazing landscape are simply worth-seeing. When it comes to the amazing beaches of Island Rhodes, it equally offers beauty and fun.
The breathtaking scenes of the amazing beaches on Rhodes are exceptional in their own natures as they offer a lot of fun and entertainment during your trip. Although, there are a variety of highly beautiful beaches on Rhodes Island, yet some of the most visited beaches are included in this article. It is because of their unspoiled beauty, the splendid environment, loads of fun and entertainment activities. Following is the list of beaches where you enjoyment is guaranteed:
The Beach of Faliraki – Rhodes Island
Faliraki is an amazing beach of Rhodes Island, which can be found in the north-eastern region of the Island. When it comes to its coastline, it is stretched over an area of 2 miles, where you can witness golden sand everywhere. Visiting this beach during your Rhodes holidays is a must as it offers many of the luxurious amenities such sub beds, umbrellas, water sports and a lot more to make your trip more memorable.
The Beach of Kallithea
Kallithea being another most visited beach of Rhodes Island can be accessed in the north-eastern coastline of Island Rhodes. It is said that this most beautiful beach is quite popular for its ‘hot & medicinal springs.’ Your holidays will be more fun and entertainment if you could spend some of the amazing moments of your life at this beautiful spot.
The Shipwreck Bay
It is another quite popular beach of Rhodes Island, which offers one of the most beautiful moments of your life filled with a lot of fun and entertainment. This beach is named after a shipwreck that took place at the area in the past. You can still find the remains of that ship in the center of the beach. Moreover, this beach is a must visit place for families, friends, children and for the people of all age groups as it provides everything during your stay here.
The Beach of Kalathos
Kalathos beach is one of the top beaches known for its swimming pleasures. Being at a distance of about 50 kilometers towards the south-eastern side of Rhodes City, the Kalathos beach provides rental ‘wooden sun beds’ and ‘bamboo umbrellas.’ It can also be accessed after a considerable distance of 15 kilometers towards the south-eastern side of Rhodes’ capital and just a few kilometers distance from Faliraki.
Furthermore, you will find most of the area of this beach unspoiled except for its coastal area.
The Island of Rhodes along with its unspoiled beauty, medieval places, cool beaches, amazing spots, best accommodations and a variety of everything is always open for every kind of tourists. It is a land of wonder that urges you to explore it on your own way.
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