Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Trip to the Municipal Art Gallery of Rhodes Old Town

Introducing the Municipal Gallery or Museum of Contemporary Greek Art of the Municipality of Island Rhodes, Greece

The Municipal Gallery of Rhodes is an amazing work of art located at Symi square. This square is at the doorstep of the ancient town. A prominent scholar of Contemporary Greek Work of Art and the Commander of the Dodecanese region, Andreas Ioannou, put his efforts to establish it in 1962. You are recommended to stay in one of the top Rhodes town hotels in order to enjoy this glory.

Recently, the Gallery possesses one of the most delegate and trustworthy collections of the Greek Paintings and Drawings of 20th century. It also represents all the eminent and creative Greek painters of the last century, who shaped contemporary Greek work of art, with at least one characteristic work. Most of the represented painters belong to the previous century. In order to see that all, you can hire some good Rhodes town hotels.

Some of the most prominent painting-makers popular both in Greece and Europe include Kontoglou, Parthenis, Maleas, Theophilos , Vassiliou, Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas, Spyropoulos, Fassianos, Gaitis, Kessanlis, Moralis, Tsarouchis, Chr. Botsoglou, Diamantopoulos, Engonopoulos, Gounaropoulos, Lytras and a lot more others. More than 150 painters and their work of art have been displayed in various exhibitions in Greece and Europe.

The gallery apart from possessing significant paintings owns a rich and beautiful collection of wood, chalcography, lithography and aquatint engravings that dated from the 16th to 20th centuries. You can also see these sketches, paintings, designs, sculptures and various other things in some of the top Rhodes town hotels as well. They will really be the best Rhodes Holidays Ideas for this year’s vacation plan.

Some of them include significantly interesting collections of the Engravings and Maps of Island Rhodes, the Aegean and the Dodecanese. They also carry a wide variety of etchings and maps of different parts of the Greek and Asia Minor regions. More specifically, they include maps and paintings of all the Rhodes Islands and Towns. These collections are donated by the philhellene family, Noel Woolrych.

Despite of major building (at Symi square), various other buildings of the town organize activities of the Museum. You can easily avail one of the superb Rhodes town hotels here. The New Gallery was established in 2002. It is built in a contemporary infrastructure at the picturesque Square including 100-palm-trees. Artistic, educational and cultural activities of this region will make your stay memorable.

Moreover, the Center of Modern Art is dwelled in the Palio Syssitio (in Socratous Street). It is one of the major streets of the medieval Rhodes town. The major purpose of the Center is to hold exhibitions especially for young artists. The museum is aimed at providing quality education to the youngsters. This aim is highly appreciated by the visitors.
Enjoy your tour in one of the first-class Rhodes town hotels in order to get familiar with the idea of the originality of Greek Character that has been and still promoting its cultural features and ideas.

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