Friday, September 24, 2010

Must see Rhodes: Palace of the Grand Master

Rhodes is place full of many of the sightseeing opportunities, where you can locate numerous ancient buildings such as the Palace of the Grand Masters as well as the prominent Rhodes town hotels. These amazing infrastructures along with many of the top beaches, green forests and astounding villages are the major sources of attractions for various tourists every year round. It is therefore a must visit place during your Rhodes holidays.

History and Location of the Palace of the Grand Master
The palace was first established by the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem on the place, where there was the 7th c. Byzantine Castle at one time. After its desertion during the Turkish domination, the large part of the palace was deteriorated with the help of a powder magazine explosion in 1856. Later on, the Italian forces occupied Island Rhodes in 1912. You can avail numerous Rhodes town hotels in the nearby areas.