Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A trip to the Palace of Knights of St. John

The Palace of the Knights of Saint John is such an amazing place that it shows its splendor and power till now. Almost all the sculptures placed in this palace are made up of gold. Its sparkling floors with genuine mosaic, the conference rooms with narrow chairs and its gigantic windows in front of the terrace all make it a unique place for tourists. They can even stay in the nearest available Rhodes accommodation.

Although tourism here is one of the booming industries, yet Rhodes owns its own rich and impressive history. In 1306, his place was purchased by the Knights of the Order of St. John (the Crusaders). Later, they constructed some of the alluring castles-like infrastructures in this medieval city. As a result, trading and art-related activities flourished during two centuries of the Knights domination over the island.

Most of their built infrastructures can still be found in good condition throughout the Old Town. One among them is the most important infrastructures of the Palace of the Knights of St. John, which was developed by the Knights’ Grand Master in the 15th century. This huge castle-like palace carries drawbridges, ditches and numerous rooms with its walls quite well-constructed.

You can find best Rhodes accommodation near this palace during your stay in the Greek Island of Rhodes. Until the survival and fight of one third, most of the knights were detained inside the Palace for six months during Turkish blockade in 1522. The sultan with this act was quite impressed and he ordered to banish the rest of the Knights rather to kill them.

Later on, the Turks used the palace as a prison for a certain period of time before abandoning. Until the Italian domination during 2nd World War, the palace remained in ruins as it was severely damaged due to a massive explosion in 1856. With intent to make it the major residence of Mussolini, Italian architects reconstructed this palace between 1937 and 1940. Rhodes accommodation offers best deals near it.

They embedded its floors with Mosaics imported from the nearby island of Kos. You can also take pleasures of unique European furniture all over the Palace. Similarly, you can enjoy visiting a museum inside the palace where you can enjoy watching paintings of the original infrastructure. You are therefore recommended to avail Rhodes accommodation near this palace to enjoy its beauty.

Today, some parts of the palace are being used for official purposes while the other parts remain open for public throughout the year. Its entry fee is perhaps $6 for everyone and remains open for 12 hours (from 9 am – 9 pm) from Tuesday through Sunday while you will find it opened from 2:30 pm – 9 pm) on Mondays.

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