Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Enjoying Rhodes Holidays at the Fishing Harbor of Kamiros Scala

Kamiros being one of the three medieval cities of Rhodes Island cities is an enchanting place for your Rhodes holidays. It carries the remnants of the old ‘Kamiros Town, with a splendid monument of medieval times that will show you the amazing visible technology of that time in Greece. It is hence a mesmerizing place for Rhodes holidays ideas. The beach alongside the island is natural with pebbles and sands.

Location of Kamiros Scala
Being situated near the old Kamiros, Kamiros Scala/Skala is primarily a petite fishermen’s colony along with a fishing harbor. You will find Kamiros Scala a peaceful place with its natural environment at a distance of 250 meters from the fishermen's port and 120 meters from the sea. During summer Rhodes holidays, you can avail some of the superb fresh fish which is supplied to the local fisherman on daily basis from here.

What It Offers?
Situated in the western region of Rhodes, Kamiros Scala is famous for its traditional seafood restaurants and natural beauties. While being at this place, you can enjoy peaceful walk in the jungle or even you can visit the neighboring Island of Halki. This island can also be accessed daily from this place via ferries. The boats depart daily at 02.30 p.m. and return, next day.

Kamiros Scala also offers some of the amazing sights such as the fortress of Kritinia including nearest villages like Embona; which is at 10 kilometers’ distance, Mandriko; which is at 3 kilometers’ distance, Sianna; which is at a distance of 15 kilometers and Monolithos; which is 18 kilometers away. It indicates that your next Rhodes holidays will be full of fun and entertainment.

Kamiros Scala’s Petite Fishing Harbor
While passing through the coastal road, you'll come across various beaches and tavernas, where you can avail delicious Greek cuisine along with their fishing specialties. Similarly, while passing through the ‘Hamet of Mandriko,’ you will get to reach a small harbor, commonly known as ‘Kamiros Skala.’ This place is said to be good enough for making best Rhodes holidays.

This is a residential area since ancient times. It carried some of the amazing sites such as the facade of a Lycian tomb and an ancient Christian Basilica, which was bedecked with appealing mosaics in front of the pebbled beach. Both these sites have been demolished by the waves of the sea later on. You can also see the fishermen along with their catches coming to the harbor quite early in the morning.

Restaurants and Villages You Can Visit
Some of the famous restaurants, villages and sights you can visit during your Rhodes holidays 2010 include Athaimeni Restaurant, Kamiros, Kritinia, Embona and Chalki Island.

How to Approach Kamiros Scala/Skala?
Kamiros Skala/Scala can be accessed from the airport after covering 25 minutes of drive via cab.

What Can You Avail?
You can avail a range of tavernas at Kamiros where you can have a drink apart from relaxing for a while. You can also wait for the ferries if you wish to travel towards Halki. It takes more than an hour to take you to Halki via ferries.

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