Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chania Holidays: A trip to South of Chania

The South of Chania
The south-western part of the Crete region is quite different from the one at its north coast. In this area, some of the mountains fall sharply into the Libyan sea in such a way that the roads are built along the shore. This area is wilder in its nature with some of the petite villages, which are further apart comparative to the northern part. It is therefore a must see place of the Crete region during Chania holidays.

The Climate of Chania
There is also a difference of climate in this part because of the establishment of natural barriers by the mountains that literally stop most of the spring and winter. As a result, the place remains dry with some little higher temperatures during Chania holidays. Moreover, ‘The Libyan Sea’ with its crystalline waters amuses tourists to develop some of the best Chania Holidays Ideas.

Selino Region
Talking about the region of Selino, it spreads from the south-western part of Crete and touches just beyond Sougia region on the southern shore. Similarly, it further stretches towards the hilly areas beyond Agia Irini, Elos and Kandanos towards the north.

It is the large district of the productive hilly area with many Chesnutt and olive trees (in Elos region), and grapes. Hence, it is quite eminent a place due to the villages; ‘Paleochora’ and ‘Sougia,’ which are both charming from Chania holidays’ point of view.

Sfakia Region
Sfakia apart from being undoubtedly one of the largest among all the regions is also the most well-preserved area with its strong traditions. Its northern boundary looks over the centre of the White Mountains. This area is chiefly mountainous probably it is the possible reason that it does not possess that much of large cultivated areas except for the ‘plateaux of Anopolis’ and ‘Askifou – best places for Chania holidays.’

It is slashed from many of the profound canyons that flow from the mountains towards the Libyan sea. Moreover, the Samaria is one of the most famous gorges of this region that attracts tourists’ attention during their Chania holidays.

The Gorgeous White Mountains of Chania
Some of the astounding White Mountains also known as ‘Lefka Ori’ are situated in the middle of Chania region. Besides this, these are one of the Crete’s largest mountain ranges that carry over 30 peak point with over 2000 meters of height. Pachnes is the highest peak with just a difference of 3 meters than the ‘Psiloritis’ which is in the central Crete with 2453 meters of height.

Finally, the prefecture of Selino Paleochora is thought to be the best for Chania holidays. But make sure that you know German language, because Paleochora site is just for German. If you are unable to communicate in German, you are not allowed to go there and you can even have a look. Similarly, it carries many beautiful photographs of the present and the past.

Moreover, you need not to worry about accommodation, because Chania is a region with many accommodation solutions.

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