Friday, September 24, 2010


Location and Charm of Lindos
Situated in the southern part of Island Rhodes (Greece) is the pictorial town of Lindos. Being a safe haven for both the pleasure- and archaeology-seekers, the amazing Lindos Rhodes provides tourists with some of the wonderful scenes and prehistoric sites. This village is undoubtedly an esteemed delight for both the hearts and eyes. In addition, visiting this area of Rhodes is therefore an added plus for the tourists.

Offerings and Attractions at Lindos
Lindos Rhodes is the owner of one of the top beaches in entire Greece such as the St. Paul's Bay, which is a world-renowned wedding spot, and the Pallas beach, which is a more personal substitute to the imposing offerings of the Rhodes Island. Here, you can also find day and night entertainment packages for all age groups to make a memorable trip.

Tourists looking for more adventurous trip can visit numerous destinations around Lindos Rhodes as they offer a lot when it come to the activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and Aegean Sea cruising.