Friday, September 24, 2010

Must See Historical Sites during Rhodes Holidays

The variety of charming places on Rhodes Island offers tourists visiting from across the globe with one of the best Rhodes holidays during their trip. The bulk of these tourist attractions in the region include prominent historic sites, the amazing ancient towns and villages along with a variety of astounding beaches. Therefore, Rhodes becomes an ideal tourist destination to visit especially in Greece.

Top Historical Sites on Rhodes Island
As it is obvious that Rhodes carries a diverse range of destinations, they can be located in Rhodes Old Town and other pats of the island. Some of the main historical worth seeing resorts of the area include:

The Old Town of Rhodes
Rhodes old town is a place brimming with loads of tourist attractions where one can have best Rhodes holidays along with a quality time. Some of the worth-seeing destinations of this area include The Beautiful Knights’ Street, Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, the 11 Gates of the Old Town, Municipal Art Gallery, the Hospice of St. Catherine and a variety of churches and monasteries that’ll captivate you during your Rhodes holidays.

Rhodes’ Archaeological Museum
Rhodes Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is housed in the ancient building of Knights’ hospital. It is a top tourist destination for various tourists coming to Rhodes from across the world for Rhodes holidays. Many archaeological excavations have been taking place at this attraction in order to get significant findings. Being one of the most alluring destinations, it is a place that offers a variety of stuff to your Rhodes holidays best.