Friday, September 24, 2010

Nestorideion Melathron venue of Museum of Modern Greek Art

The Museum of the Modern Greek Art of the 20th Century

Location and Establishment
Established in 1959, the Museum of Modern Greek Art is quite famous as a leading art institution of the modern times. It offers its visitors with a priceless insight to the cultural identity of contemporary Greece. Located in the City of Rhodes, the Museum of Modern Greek Art owns one of the all-encompassing collections of the Greek Art of 20th Century that will make your Rhodes holidays more enchanting.

It was Mr. Andreas Ioannou, the founder of the Museum, who put all his efforts to house this unique collection of art works in an independent historical building. Later on; in the late 50’s; it became the very first ‘Greek Art Gallery’ with the acquisition of permanent installations.

What it Own?
The collection of works includes a large number of prints and painting along with few of the drawings, sculptures, and priceless documents of the most eminent Artists of Greece. It exemplifies a collection of over one thousand artworks of different grand artists including Eggonopoulos, Hatzikyriakos-Gikas, Maleas, Moralis Parthenis, Theofilos, Tsarouchis and Vouzianis. It will fill your next Rhodes holidays with enjoyment.