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Best Restaurants for food lovers in Rhodes

There is a diversity of everything on Rhodes Island when it comes to the best Rhodes holidays. You can find a variety of villages, ancient sights, top beaches, accommodation solutions, attractive landscape and a variety of some of the ever best hotels and restaurants on this island. You best entertainment along with the top quality food items of local, national and international levels is also guaranteed here.

Apart from this, the diversity of best hotels and restaurants on the island plays a pivotal role in the provision of quality food items for food lovers. It is all up to you to choose one among these best restaurants on your own. You can locate one of your favorite restaurants from the following list, where you can avail the freedom of eating quality food stuff and to live a healthy life during your stay in the region.

Following are some of the most visited best hotels and restaurants you can find on Rhodes Island:

Top Restaurants in Rhodes Island

Ippotikon Restaurant
It is one of the best restaurants of Rhodes Island, which can be found in the middle of the Rhodes-+ Old Town. The best way to visit this restaurant is to access it from the port gate, which is at about 100 meters distance from the vicinity. Ippotikon restaurant offers one of the top accommodation solutions with a variety of cultural food items.

Dinoris Restaurant
It is one of the best as well as the oldest restaurants in Rhodes Old Town. It offers its visitors with the top Greek foods and fish specialties. You will really enjoy the best standard of service at this amazing restaurant.

Melathron Restaurant
Being one of the exclusive restaurants to enjoy romantic nights and dinners with your romance or even with your friends, Melathron Restaurant offers its visitors with an opportunity to select a private room.

Paragadi Restaurant
It is one of the best restaurants in Rhodes new town situated at Zefiros. It offers its visitors with fresh fishes and a diversity of other seafood.

Wonder Restaurant
Apart from the other famous restaurants on Rhodes Island, there is another big name, the Restaurant Wonder. This restaurant is offering its amazing services to the food lovers visiting this land from across Europe, since the year 2001. This beautiful restaurant is centrally accessible from the New Town, at the extension of ‘Papalouka Street,’ which leads towards one of the entry points to the medieval town from a ‘windy beach as well as from the ‘Beach Hotel.’

Romeo Restaurant
Romeo is also one of the exemplary restaurants that take you back into the old area, where you can witness the delicately preserved style. It carries an infrastructure of 500 year back, which is quite enriched with the old history that can take its visitors back into the middle ages, where you can find the same old Greek culture of its time.

Some other best restaurants of the Rhodes Island mainly include the Palia Istoria, Arhontiko and Elalfi. Similarly, some other best restaurants of the Rhodes Island are Tsambikos Taverna, Palestra restaurant Lindos, Antonis Taverna, Ta Kioupia and Le Gourmet.

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