Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Best Beaches to visit during Lassithi Holidays

While enjoying the Lassithi Holidays in a splendid Rhodes Accommodation, you can discover a blend of most eye-catching Lassithi Beaches. These beaches can be found on the shoreline of the region of Lassithi. One among them is the ‘Vai Beach’ – this beach along with its implausible five-thousand palm trees, its gold-shaded sands and its cerulean waters, attracts attention of the tourists.

Some other incredible beaches of this region are Istros, Makrigialos, Pahia Ammos or probably the astonishing white-sandy-beaches on the Hrissi Island. Similarly, you can avail Rhodes accommodation solutions near any beach. Moreover, captivating bays and beaches of crystal waters warmly welcomes you on the shorelines of Lassithi region during your Lassithi Holidays.

Following are some of the other little heaven-like beaches with minor details:

Agios Nikolaos
This beach can be found in the mid of the major town of the region, the Agios Nikolaos. It is a well-organized beach having little rocks inside it.

One of the best beaches in the region, it is at a few kilometers distance from the Agios Nikolaos town. It is a completely-organized beach with all sorts of facilities including sun-beds, Accommodations, hotels and restaurants.

This is an alluring as well as an organized-sandy-beach at a distance of couple of kilometers in the south of Agios Nikolaos town. It is a hard to access beach and gets crowded with only few people.

This is an amalgamation of two beaches at a distance of eight-kilometers from Agios Nikolaos. Both of these beaches are sandy and highly-organized. They also carry Accommodations, sun-beds, hotels and restaurants.

It is a fantastic tourist point from Lassithi Holidays perspective and is known for its charming beach. It is about sixty-kilometers in the south-east of Agios Nikolaos. Its nearest village is Ierapetra. During summer season, people enjoy outing towards Koufonisi in petite boats. It is a little Island with striking beaches.

Havania Beach
This is also a sandy beach with Rhodes Accommodation solutions, sun-beds, hotels and restaurants. It is at about a few kilometers distance from Agios Nikolaos Town.

It is an amalgamation of three beaches. One among them is sandy and the other two are rocky. This well-organized golden-shaded-sandy-beach is near a Bay, which is about eight-kilometers in the south of Agios Nikolaos Town.

It is a divine coastal village and one of the quite popular beach resorts of Crete. It is about twenty-five kilometers towards the north-west of Agios Nikolaos Town.

Agia Fotia
It is a peaceful picnic point for Lassithi Holidays makers with quite nice beaches. Being at a distance of forty-seven-kilometers towards the south-east of Agios Nikolaos, its boundary is surrounded with pine-forests. It also carries a small church (Agia Fotia) near the beach and its nearest village is Makrygialos.

Rhodes Accommodation solution are almost everywhere in the Island Rhodes. You can even hire one of the best Rhodes Accommodation solutions in the town at a quite low price during your Lassithi Holidays. These accommodations carry almost all the facilities you can even imagine just to satisfy all your needs and to make your tour more wonderful.

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