Friday, September 24, 2010

Exploring the Cultural Events and Festivals of Lassithi

Religious Festivals and Other Events
Crete celebrates a wide range of religious festivals as well as other events all over Lassithi in Greece. In the course of Easter celebration at Agios Nikolaos, a stage is placed in the center of the lake, on which the Burning of the Judas takes place. Being one of the unique Lassithi holidays ideas, it is a place worth seeing during Lassithi holidays.

The municipality of the region organizes Lato, which is a cultural event, every year during summer season. During this cultural event, numerous music, theatrical and dance performances are carried out to amuse tourists spending their Lassithi holidays in the amazing prefecture of Crete.

Similarly, a local Cultural Association organizes some related events in the coastal destination of Elounda, every year during summer season. Other cultural events, such as the Corvia is organized in July and August by the Ierapetra municipality, which mainly includes a variety of art exhibitions, performances and concerts. It will really be a great fun to attend those events during Lassithi holidays.