Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Enjoying holidays at the Plimiri beach, Rhodes

Rhodes Island being one of the world’s famous tourist destinations is a land full of history and natural beauty. You can find many of the resorts, beaches, forests, attractive places and almost everything you desire for, on this Greek Island of wonders during your Rhodes holidays. It opens its wonders on the tourists when they get engrossed into its magical activities of sightseeing, enjoying at its sparkling beaches and playing water sports.

Rhodes Island becomes a place of great fun when it comes to beaches and Rhodes holidays in the region. People from around the world come to visit its unique beaches as they are known around the world for their splashing waters and beautiful sand of multiple colors. You can even have various activities on the beaches of Rhodes such as water sports, wind surfing, sun bathing and a lot more to amuse yourself.

Apart from other beaches of this island, one of the most beautiful beaches is the Plimiri Beach. It contains a collection of sand amalgamated with pebbles where you can meet a number of tourists as well as visitors, although you will find some of them nude. It is therefore a seducing beach on Rhodes Island where you will get seduced by a variety of angels of different parts of the world during your Rhodes holidays.

Location of Plimiri Beach
According to the earlier reports, the superb Plimiri beach and a good taverna are located close to the harbor area. If you want to access this beach through motorbike, you won’t find any problem because the surfaces of roads are good enough to travel via motorbikes.

After the sign to Plimiri is visible, you can find a church as well as a nearby built Grain Silo on the right hand side while covering 5 kilometers’ distance towards the south from the Island. You will find few of the buildings after entering into the vicinity of the beach. On the left side, you will find numerous cypress trees. The road here is rocky that lasts for 5 kilometers, so be careful while walking or riding.

It is a quite sandy and shingle mixed beach where you can walk even nude. You will find a little percentage of visitors with a few nude on this beach. According to a 1998 survey report, the beach was in good condition with a lot of ongoing construction mainly of the private homes behind the sandbank. This beach is stretched over about 2 kilometers of land, where you will initially feel if it is deserted, but actually it is not.

You can also find around this beautiful resort, a superb fresh fish tavern. Moreover, you can say that nudity is the beauty of this beach. You can best reach this beach after passing through a good gravel track which is about 1 kilometer long before you reach Agios Pavlos. Furthermore, the cypress trees in this area are a great source of attraction for various tourists. Your trip to Plimiri beach will be more adventurous.