Thursday, September 23, 2010

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Content Writing

Please read these guidelines carefully before starting work on an article:
1. Conduct proper research and pick two to three relevant sources that contain each and everything about respective sport
2. Use interesting, good quality and correct information
3. Make attention-grabbing titles
4. The length of the titles should not exceed 60 characters with spaces
5. Title must contain required keywords at all costs
6. The articles should be relevant to the title
7. Titles should never be negative – Make titles keeping in vision the promotional approach. In other words, it should be catchy/sensational
8. In case, if the content is insufficient for an article, do consult sports-related sites to get some general content to meet its length – like incorporating history or introduction to that particular sports article
9. Try quoting reports or surveys in your articles to make them more authentic
10. Make sure your article does not match the articles already written by you on any topic
11. Use short paragraphs (4-5 lines), short sentences (1-2 lines), headings and subheadings (if necessary)
12. Maintain flow of the content and keep linkage between the paragraphs and sentences
13. If possible, try giving crux of the whole article in its starting paragraph – Just like an Intro of a News Story
14. The article should be original – You may read content on other sites, but write it in your own words
15. You may not copy content word from word from other sites or books
16. Do not follow just one article – Use at least 2 to 3 resources and make a totally different article out of them
17. Neither TEXT nor HEADINGS should match any existing article online or offline
18. Pick salient features to make a unique article
19. The length of an article must be 500+ words (minimum) or above (depending upon the assigned title or guidelines)
20. Paragraphs should not exceed 4-5 lines
21. Sentences should be easy to understand – Be aware of the target audience before writing an article
22. There should not be any repetition of words or sentences
23. Punctuations and prepositions should be set properly into the sentences
24. Do not forget to run spell check feature after completing an article – There should be no error like verb confusion, fragment reconsider or any spell mistake
25. Do read your article before submitting
26. Check copy of your written article(s) for plagiarism online via / or any other free but relevant site
27. Incorporate keywords sensibly into the articles
28. Keyword density should be 5-6% in a 500+ words article
29. You can check keyword density online after completing an article at
30. The format (Font, font size and font style) of the headings, paragraphs and pointers should be of similar nature (similar to the fist line, pointer or paragraph).
31. All guidelines are almost the same for writing blogs but you have to use conversational style into them
32. Save document with the name of article
Following are some of the guidelines for writing reviews on any assigned topic(s)
1. Review of an article/blog should be of 250 or more words (depending upon the guidelines)
2. Inbred keywords in reviews very carefully
3. There must be flow of sentences and the paragraphs must be linking with each other
4. Remember that these reviews are your analysis in promotional sense
5. Use positive approach
6. Check for spell errors and plagiarism and do read your written content before submitting
7. Sentences should be short, concise and to the point
8. Paragraphs should not exceed more than 4-5 lines

PowerPoint Slides / Presentations
Following is a list of guidelines for Making Power Point Presentations:
1. Use words defining sentences and avoid writing long sentences
2. Make pointers
3. Pointers must not exceed 5-7 words each
4. There should be a flow and linkage between the slides
5. Give backgrounds and images keeping in vision the titles, content, target audience and the site you are working for
6. Try incorporating all the features
7. Pointers should not be more than 10
8. The format (Font, font size and font style) of the headings, paragraphs and pointers should be of similar nature (similar to the fist line, pointer or paragraph).
9. Make bold, italicize or underline the important words or phrases to make things more prominent.