Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Enjoying Chania Holidays in Maleme, Chania Crete

Located at a distance of about 20 kilometers from Chania, Maleme is primarily an alluring medieval village along the seaside that carries a beautiful sandy beach for Chania Holidays. It is quite known for prehistoric reasons due to its significance as part of Crete where the eminent battle of Crete took place during 2nd World War.

It was the place where the German parachutists’ division landed. Moreover, it has a populace of about 700 people. Today, this place has been transformed into a well-organized village as well as a popular tourist destination for Chania holidays that’s attracts many visitors from around the world.

Military Graveyard: It also carries a worth-visiting German military graveyard, which is established for those over 4500 German officers & soldiers who were killed on the island during 2nd World War. On the mountain side of Kaykales which is quite near to the village, you can enjoy watching a Late Minoan vaulted tomb during your Chania holidays. It catches eyes of the tourists due to its amazing architecture.

Deres Village: After covering a distance of 16 kilometers in the southern direction of Maleme, there is a worth-seeing village named Deres. This village is quite famous for its amazing landscape. It was established at such a place which was full of walnut, chestnut, and olive trees with Dekassimiotis river crossing over the village. This village gets crowded due to its genuine beauty especially during summer season when people celebrate their Chania holidays.

Cultural Activities: If you are seeking for a variety of cultural activities in this region, you must pay this village a visit during your Chania holidays. The people of the area use to carry out various cultural activities in May every year. These activities are held in the memory of the ‘Battle of Crete’ which was fought during 2nd World War. Similarly, the locals also organize a banquet ceremony (‘panighyri’) in the honor of St. Antonios on 17th January every year.

Hotels and Accommodation Solutions: You can also find out a plenty of accommodation solutions in Maleme. It owns a handsome number of hotels with the facilities such as rooms on rent and studios. Apart from creating Chania holidays ideas, you can avail a wide range of restaurants, bars, taverns and cafes both for food and drink. It also fulfills the demands of night- and love-seekers who wish to enjoy to their best in the mesmerizing nightlife of this region.

How to Access: Access to this place is no more a problem now. You can each this place by either means that suits best to your needs because now you can avail public bus services as they provide frequent services from early morning till late evening. Also, you can hire a cab from Chania. And if you love to drive on your own, you can even rent a private car or motorcycle to enjoy full freedom and beauty of the region.

You’re therefore advised to book your stay during the summer season because it the exact time for getting pleasures of all sorts.

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