Friday, September 24, 2010

Lassithi Holidays: Archaeological Site of Lato

Location of the Amazing Archaeological Site of Lato
Being one of the popular Archaeological site Lato, is located at Lassithi – in the Cretan region, which is perhaps the cradle of the Minoan civilization. The recent Agios Nikolaos town is primarily established on the relics of the medieval Lato. It is one of the amazing vicinities for the tourists, where they can have quality Lassithi holidays.

Between some of the most significant Doric city-states of the medieval Crete, Lato is said to have been existing even before the decline of Doric. The medieval Lato was established among the two hills, which provides a wonderful scene of Mirabella Bay. And, in the past, it offered natural defense against the invaders. Hence, it is one of the unique Lassithi holidays ideas to visit this unique place.